Outlet shopping for luxury goods; Awesomeness or fashion faux-pas?

Outlet shopping seems to be the topic of much debate these days. There are endless google search results for the pro’s and con’s of outlet shopping. Mainly resulting in leaving us with the same question mark we had to begin with.

In my opinion, it basically boils down to which outlet store you are speaking of. Some of the outlets, like candle or bath/body outlets mainly use their outlets as a final destination dumping ground for their items which are no longer in season, or are no longer being carried. Some clothing outlets either only sell out-of-date or out-of-fashion clothing, so even if you’re getting a fantastic deal, you really won’t be getting your money’s worth in the long run because the time to flaunt yourself in these clothes is significantly shorter. However, since the days of retailers only stocking their outlets with sub-par or flawed merchandise is over, it’s still worth a day of shopping in the hopes of getting lucky. And who of us doesn’t like a day of shopping?!

As more and more clothing manufacturers increase output to keep up with the constant fluctuation in consumer tastes, this results in an increased need for warehousing and thus additional markdowns in order to maintain the merchandise turnover ratio within the main stores.  This, is why I believe there has been such a sudden surge in luxury item retail outlets. Lucky us, excess = markdowns and new inventory = a stock up of new items at the outlet 🙂

Many retail outlets mainly stock and restock items selected to be sold only at the retail outlet. However, sometimes one can get lucky if you are diligent, in finding new items from the current season.

Take for example; Coach. (I will confess an addiction to Coach). The outlet store is usually stocked full of silk scarves, handbags, perfume and men’s leather goods on deep discount (keep that 50% off coupon ladies, you’ll need it!). The handbags are updated and usually one can find a must-have accessory or leather gift item for a very reasonable price. (See mint chain necklace in photo…I fell in love at first sight).

Although there are many fashionistas that swear that your wardrobe must turn-over with the times, there are those of us who need only a few classic pieces or accessories to complete an outfit and that will last us for many years to come. Enter luxury retail outlets. A good, high quality silk scarf to take your jeans and cashmere sweater or black business attire from drab to fab in less than a minute! So why in the world wouldn’t we pay only a fraction of the price for something lovable for a foreseeable future? You tell me! I vote for Awesomeness. Luxury retail outlets rock out if you can just keep your head when you are shopping and make sure that the pieces you purchase are a significant addition to your wardrobe and not an impulse buy.

What do you think? Awesomeness or fashion faux-pas?

See you at the outlet 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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