Product Review: Chanel nail polish and lipgloss

I’ll just start by saying that I’m a total Chanel addict. I adore their beauty products and I purchase them every chance I get! That being said, and bias presented, I would like to just give a quick review of these two specific products.

These are my go-to colours for autumn. The nail lacquer is #663 lovely beige, and the lip gloss is #46. A perfect match 🙂 Like most of you, I usually shop for my nail/lip colours seasonally. It really only takes one set of colour co-ordinating products to last the entire season (buh-bye cluttered vanity) if…BIG IF you manage to find something that doesn’t require constant care and reapplication.

I chose these colors for a few reasons. One, being that it’s trendy. Two, pumpkin-cinnamon-beige…seriously, of course I HAD to choose it for autumn! Three, my autumn capsule wardrobe consists of Ivory, beige metallics, browns, and navy blues. Ta-da! Goes with everything 🙂

I have a problem with ordinary nail polish. My problem is this: It just chips off. You know, those attractive portions of natural nail showing through the tips of your newly polished lovelies that make you look as though you spent your day doing manual labour. Sooooo frustrating! Some things help (like wiping over your clean nails with toner in order to remove the oils before polishing and using a good base coat) but if your colour is sub-par, it’ll last for about an hour in perfect condition.

I’m addicted to Chanel nail lacquer mainly because it lasts. I mean lasts through serious dish-pan hands, laundry, administrative work, cutting the grass, food prep, exercise and hanging out with kids. I am in no way easy on my hands…Too much to do, too little time to do it in. Being able to look down at the end of a hectic day and see a beautifully polished feminine hand just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. In order to make it last as long as possible, I usually do wipe my clean nails with a swipe of facial toner, let dry, then use a good base coat of polish holder, let dry completely, 2 coats of colour and Chanel’s top coat which also shines and keeps your mani looking brand new.

I like the lipgloss because it has by itself just enough colour that you don’t actually have to use it in conjunction with other lip products. It small enough to fit in the smallest of clutches and (drum roll please…) does not require constant reapplication. During the day, I’ll usually dab on some lip balm, then apply gloss over. For a transition to evening, I’ll dab on lip balm, use a light lipliner  and then top with this lipgloss. Lasts well and makes me feel pretty.

Please share your experiences, thoughts and comments!

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