My party mani at Mimando

When in Finland, go to Mimando Spa! I got the whole treatment day, but I just had to start with this ready-to-party mani. Since this week is a celebration season in one way or another across the globe, I really wanted something pretty that wouldn’t just chip away as soon as I got my hands wet.

We had planned that by the time I arrived my nails would be in long beautiful shape; ready for a long lasting lacquer that would keep me set the entire journey. Sad for me, I broke one of my nails that very morning. She did a great job with what I had remaining. It’s a bit too early to go the red route, I said. So we decided that a neutral base with pearlescent gel was the way to go. Especially in light of the fact that I am oh-so hard on my hands!

I think this gel lacquer turned out really well and is classy enough to go with jeans and boots for the family dinner, and a LBD and heels for my weekend’s planned celebrations 🙂 Best part is; I can actually cook, clean, move furniture, and open Champagne without worrying about my nails. After all, that’s the LAST thing we need to thing about at the moment!

What are your worry-free zones this holiday season?

Thanks for reading!



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