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Facial at Mimando

My very first facial at Mimando Spa, and this is part of what sold me entirely on the experience. Aside from Hanna’s friendliness, expertise and ability to make my skin absolutely glow, she incorporated a red-wine facial mask into my facial and skin care treatment. (Don’t lick it, she says…) This stuff… well a relaxing mask it definitely is, and my skin…LOVED IT!

Proceeding a thorough cleansing, checking, scrub and ultrasound treatment (which I also love, by the way), this red wine relaxing and thoroughly moisturising mask made me feel…just…delicious.IT has anti oxidant and anti age properties. Left to  a good peaceful reprieve in low lighting with soft music and lovely smells while this mask performed its magic; I actually managed to be lulled into a gentle power nap. I can only say that when I was woken and the mask removed, then followed by a vitamin C moisturizer, I felt….delicious. It really felt like everything she had done to me managed to seep through at least 15 layers of skin. And I glowed. Seriously, even my guy noticed! 😀

Mimando Spa carries and uses Etre Belle products. And I highly recommend both! Since I am now thoroughly addicted to treatments at Mimando, I will be blogging more frequently about a variety of treatments offered there. I make an appointment whenever I am even remotely close to the area!

What are your favorite types of facial treatments?

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