Cold and Flu season quick-fix

Good morning greetings and salutations from cold and flu land! I woke up the other day with a major case of the sniffles, due only to playing too much outside during major weather fluctuations. So I figure it’s as good a time as ever to share a home remedy of mine. OK, adapted and mutilated from several friends to fit me perfectly.

Years ago, I had a horrible case of the flu and was in a country where I recognized nothing, so felt unable to confidently purchase medicine for myself without risking something odd happening as a result. A good friend of mine from the East told me a home cure his mother used to make. He told me to slice an entire lemon and boil it in a huge pot of boiling water. Eventually the water would thicken with the boiled lemon pulp, to pour that into a mug and gulp it down. I must admit, I was skeptical because who, could cure the flu with nothing but lemon and water? Why the need for antibiotics, if its that simple? Well.. guess what. Although it might not have healed me completely, this hot lemon mash drink patched me up with some relief long enough to enjoy the rest of my trip!

I used to (and occasionally still do if its appropriate) indulge in a Hot Toddy or two when feeling totally…blaaahhhhhhh. Last year I was in the Nordics, and sniffling, of course. The management of the restaurant I’d been frequenting sat me down and poured me a liter creation of hot water, honey and a ton of rum. The result was a somewhat tipsy traveller with a new favourite drink and a slightly raspy voice but with less of a cough and a much drier nose.

This year a friend of mine whom I consult on all things natural and nutritional, recommended I eat ginger or hot chili when I was totally cold, in order to heat my body temp up. This actually really works, so best not to use it if you have a fever, because it will continue ramping up your body temperature.

So here are my 2 adaptions:

For cold/flu with a fever:

Hot lemon mash with honey and a splash of rum (only add the rum if its THAT moment). This helps break up the crud, slow down the sniffles and generally chill you out.

For cold/flu with a low body temperature:

Hot water with lemon, sliced or grated ginger and honey to taste. Adding a ton of garlic or hot chili to your food will also help to increase your body temp to normalize your low fever. Also, go see a doctor! Low temps are more dangerous than high temps…so I’ve been told.

What are some of your favorite home remedies?

Thanks for reading!


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