Winter Slim-down diet week 8

Jaahas…This week I lost all the extra weight I gained and regained. But, by no conscious doing of my own; sad to say. There’s only one magic word involved in this weeks’ weightloss and that is ‘DENTIST‘. I think we’re all on the same page now.

It seems that this chic has been keeping herself so busy this past 18 months that I’ve been rather masculine in my approach to healthcare. ‘I’ve got too much to do and can’t take time away’, ‘I’m not dying yet…’, ‘I’ll go if it starts to hurt’ or my personal favorite: ‘How the hell am I supposed to go to the physician when I cant speak the language?! I’ll make an appointment when I get home’ (and then never does).

I finally went. Good news; no cavities! Bad news; Thanks to a serious addiction to chili peppers and all things seed-y (flax, chia, pumpkin, sunflower…you name it – I gobble it down. But the chili peppers seem to be the main suspect), it seems I managed to achieve a bit of a gum infection. I know…eeeewwww.  They patched me up at the docs, and after feeling as though I’ve taken a few hits to the face for the past few days am now healing nicely 🙂

Now that I’ve managed to babble my way through all the things nobody cares about, here’s what I did. As most chipmunk-cheeked victims of dentistry, I went for the softest, warmest things I could get. In all honesty, I didnt eat much of anything for like 3 days because it just hurt – but I’m not a proponent of starving yourself so let’s not go there. This past week has been all about plain yogurts with a splash of honey or something or vegan soups. For drinks, it’s been mainly vichy and herbal tea. (So, no booze and that always helps drop the extra weight)

The soup pictured above proved my favorite: Vegan Thai red curry soup broth with some small soy pieces, soup veggies (root vegetables) and fresh sliced mushrooms thrown in for good measure. The ingredients provided me with enough different vitamins that my body wasn’t craving any additional weird foods. (Which is awesome)

This upcoming week I’ll probably still take it light on the gorging myself on whatever I want for the holidays, but I’m sticking to the enjoyment plan with fingers crossed a miracle happens and I don’t wind up right where I started when New Years rolls around.

How’s your holiday diet going?

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9 thoughts on “Winter Slim-down diet week 8”

  1. Mliae, I did the same thing. My tooth hurt so badly but I pretended it wasn’t that bad, and convinced myself that putting a clove on the sore tooth was definitely going to fix it. Until it broke in half when I bit into a piece of steamed broccoli. I mean it wasn’t like I was chewing a rock. Anyway, that motivated me to go to the dentist. I appreciate your chilli addiction – I’m exactly the same! This soup looks delicious but I hope you can start eating solids soon!

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    1. Gen, nice to know I’m in good company…but Ouch ouch ouch! A broken tooth on steamed broccoli? I had no idea clove would help a toothache, I must try that! Feeling better now, thank you 🙂


  2. Evidently males worldwide haven’t owned procrastinating yet. Add me to the dental reluctant corner too. Soups (like this one that I must try) certainly help keep the edge sharp. Your blog is delightful and your English seems excellent to me, Mliae. God bless your family for supporting you living the dream. I held a similar one when I was young, before my boys sidetracked my course. I haven’t given up yet, but for now I’m delighted the grand children want me around. Síocháin…!

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    1. Roo, Thank you for your many kind words! I do try to keep my English sharp, though sometimes it still gets all jumbled up with the rest of it 😉 My family has been wonderful about it, I am very fortunate. Don’t give up on that dream, it’s always within reach! One learns quickly to live without much of anything though. Peace to you as well! 😀


  3. Good and bad experiences make up the whole life……. just keep lookin forward 4 more interest experiences…………… I too have grt and most interesting experiences to be shared with the world……… me loves to live in day tight compartments ….., I mean the present moment….. making moments

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