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Holiday Potpourri made easy

This. My first attempt at DIY potpourri. I did not fail! I also did not google. Here’s how it went down:

Christmastime in a village shop and all my eyes kept wandering to were Star Anise, cloves and glog spice. So I did what any reasonable woman does; I bought it all and told myself I’d figure out how to use it later.

When I returned and was searching my fruit bowl for what I had to eat right that minute, I realized that I had 2 citrons quickly going in the not-so-edible-anymore direction. So, my S.O. told me that if I put the peels by the fireplace the essential oils would warm up and seep out, making the house smell ah-mazing. Well, you probably know me by now…peels? No way! Lets do the whole thing! So we sliced the citrons and I put them on top of the brick on the fireplace. Heats up faster, right? And overnight..of course.

Needless to say, this little trick worked like a charm. Granted, some of the slices got a bit too tanned overnight, but who cares, it’s going in a bowl on the shelf. Smells great 🙂 I pushed the cloves into some of the slices that still maintained some pulp, mixed in about 5 anise stars (OMG, they smell sooooo yummy), and broke off some cinnamon bark pieces for the mix. My secret weapon? I have a bag of cinnamon root. (Yes, it’s technically a tree). The root, once dried sufficiently, has a tendency to crumble easily from the inside out, so you have to cut in half first. But this maintains the fantastic scent, and works great as a powdered topper on a bowl of potpourri.

Here’s my outcome:


Looking a bit fuzzy, nice photographer that I am 😛 Regardless, you can see it. My holiday potpourri pride and joy!

What are your favorite holiday DIY’s?

Thanks for reading!



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