The Miss’s mishaps

This crown, worth $300 000 has been the topic of many a news story today.

We’ve all heard it…Twitter, instagram, Facebook, the news; Full of The Major mistake in the Miss Universe pageant. For those of you avoiding the news altogether: Firstly, good for you…have a happy day! Secondly, in summary, last night Steve Harvey accidentally announced the wrong winner when the first runner up Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo was announced as Miss Universe.  When he realized the mistake, he promptly apologized and corrected the situation as best he could by announcing Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach the actual winner and Miss Colombia as first runner up.

Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez-Arevalo

Miss Colombia in her brief reign as Miss Universe. Right before this happened…

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

Miss Philippines being crowned.

They actually de-crowned Miss Colombia on stage, turned around and crowned Miss Philippines.

Granted, I am sure that there was a level of public humiliation shared by all front and centre on the stage. This HAD to have really demolished Miss Colombia’s ego, but I’ll tip my hat to her…she handled it well, given the circumstances.

I have to say that in my opinion Steve Harvey does not deserve anywhere near the public scrutiny and backlash that he is receiving for this. The man didn’t do it on purpose. He made an honest mistake; human error, which we all do but luckily it’s not in such a public forum. He even showed the card and apologized profusely. But for some reason, social media is just not giving the man a break! @Iamsteveharvey if you see this, I’m so sorry all this is coming down on you so hard. Mistakes happen all the time. You’re human, and people love you! Please, give this man a break!

miss puerto rico destiny v

In other Miss news; Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez from the Miss America pageant found herself being suspended after making scathing remarks regarding Muslims. Apparently her wildly inappropriate tweets were aimed at Michael Moore in reaction to his posting a photo of himself with a sign saying ‘We are all muslim’. I can only assume that his sign was of the same caliber as the French saying ‘We are all American’ after the 9/11 attacks, and the Americans saying ‘We are all French’ in response after last months Paris attacks. Why this induced a sudden urgency to discuss her islamophobia regarding a perceived muslim manipulation of the US constitution and desire to ‘plant gas stations’ in the USA and deem herself an expert on sacred texts stating that muslims have ‘terrorizing agendas’  and that ‘there is no comparison between Jews, Christians and Muslims’ is beyond me. I think that this shows a blatant disregard for the founding ideals of the U.S. constitution and one of it’s founding fathers, George Washington who calls the United States a Beacon of Liberty as it regards immigration and religious prosecution. This quote (Taken from the Charters of Freedom in the us archives) states that ‘The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent & respectable Stranger,
but the oppressed & persecuted of all Nations & Religions;
whom we shall wellcome to a participation of all our rights & privileges.’  So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, cupcake.

To wrap up this rant with a final thought: Why oh WHY, when so many people are suffering in this world. I mean REALLY suffering. Enduring a constant fear of persecution, torture, murder, grieving for the loved ones they’ve lost, unemployed, unable to feed their children, unable to pay bills…WHY are we using so much energy and so much media to cover this event, unfortunate and embarrassing as it is. Do you realize that there are countries so embroiled in war as a daily life that much of it is no longer even mentioned in the western news? Do you know what the 2015 global rate of human trafficking is? Probably not. But Kardashian is a household name, and now even those of us who could care less about the pageant gig know who the winner(s) were.

Rant over. I wonder what kind of backlash I’m going to get over this one…but it has to be said.

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2 thoughts on “The Miss’s mishaps”

  1. It constantly amazes me how much energy we humans focus on the insignificant stuff (like Steve Harvey and Michael Moore) while steadfastly refusing to involve ourselves in thinking about the larger issues. Fear, perhaps, or maybe a feeling of helplessness? I wish I knew. I stumbled in via the Book Blogger Party and I’m glad I did!


    1. Hi @onedizzybee and welcome! You are right. It’s unbelievable how happily willing people are to put the blinders on. Your guess as to why is as good as mine…I have no idea.


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