New -old home purchase fail: -30 out and the pipes freeze…

That moment when something in the house has gone terribly wrong and you realize…for certain this time, that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

Yes. This happened. This morning actually. Woke up freezing, went to the kitchen to make the coffee and …oh, wait…oh, no…..! Turned every faucet in the place on just to hear the same ole gurgling. NOT.COOL.

Fortunately, I have some bottled water and enough in the water boiler to  heat up for washing. We took the electric radiator to the basement to warm the solid ice pipes. Which, after about 10 hours actually started to work. Splutter slat went the pipes…and we were so excited! Yay! Water! Then some crunching sounds and water everywhere. The meter ruptured. So now, here I sit – fingers, toes and everything possible crossed that the water guys will be here ASAP to fix this thing.

I love this place. I really do. But I am learning on a monthly basis that I was in no way mentally prepared to purchase and older home where I’m responsible for everything, while romanticizing the idea of renovating it to my specific tastes. It will happen, yes. And I cannot wait! But for now I could gladly read a home repair for dummies book.

Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent this in the future?

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10 thoughts on “New -old home purchase fail: -30 out and the pipes freeze…”

    1. Thank you for the advice…I’m searching for some spare blankets now. At the moment, its just a space heater down there, but its better than nothing. I converted the temp. Apparently -30 below 0C = -22 below 0F. Seriously chilly!


  1. Ugh! That happened to us the first night in our new rental last year. We’d gone to town early (hadn’t moved in yet) and returned to the, then thawed pipes spewing water, flowing down the street! I’m sorry that happened to you too. We live and we learn! Old houses are lots of work, but in my opinion worth it! Be encouraged – and look up winterizing tips on line 😉


    1. That’s so frustrating…isn’t it?! Oh yea, old houses are challenging, but absolutely worth it! This is my pearl 🙂 Learning by doing this year.


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