Product review: CHANEL concealer in #10 beige clair

I will start by saying that this product is worth every cent spent on it. I’ve been searching for a concealer that can give me full coverage without looking like I’m wearing a mask of make-up, and I think this might be the one.

I have been using MAC on a semi-religious basis for years. But when my concealer was finally finito this time, I decided I would try something new from another one of my favorite brands and see if it suited me any better.

My skin tone fluctuates drastically between summer and late winter. In the winters, I really think I’m heading in the Morticia Adams direction by the time the sun starts shining. Now, winter skin is never a bad thing. But winter eye bags are. If you’re anything like me, your sleep is erratic at best, and those monstrous purple bags shine brightly like a trophy of a night well spent. NOT. COOL.

I went in search of a product that was thick enough to actually cover the dark circles, but not paint-it-on thick. After trying out several, this one really seemed to do the trick. I’ve been using this daily for more than a month now and I can definitely say that I love it! It smoothes and blends in easily, covers the bad spots and is even suitable for contouring. This is a product I will purchase again.

What are some of your favorite products?

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6 thoughts on “Product review: CHANEL concealer in #10 beige clair”

  1. I actually struggled a lot with finding the perfect concealer as well. I have some acne on my lower chin. One of the products released with the new product launch from Younique though was actually a skin perfecting concealer – and trust me when I say that it is very appropriately named. I was honestly floored when I tried it. I can cover up all of the little acne spots on my chin, purple stains from when I dye my hair and get it on my skin lol, even moles. I don’t have tattoos personally, but I have seen people use it to cover up their tattoos as well. It is hands down the best concealer that I have ever used and I am 100% addicted.

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  2. Thanks for your input! Believe it or not, I have been looking for a product ‘solid’ enough to adequately cover tattoos without smearing all over my clothes. I’ll have to look into that.

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  3. Thank you SO much for this helpful post! I have heard splendid things about Chanel makeup for years, but I’ve still yet to try it. Your review here has pushed me to try it, though I’ll have to go scout out a store that sells it, as I believe it’s only sold in select retailers — and since I don’t know what color I’ll need yet, I hesitate to order it online.

    I’ve got rosacea, so that it constantly looks like I’m blushing or sun burned, so finding an appropriate concealer is paramount. I look forward to trying this!

    Thanks again!
    Charlotte x

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    1. Hi Charlotte, I’m super happy that I could help! Yes, you should try this Chanel concealer. So far, it’s the best I’ve found at coverage and blending. Let us know what you think!

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