Winter slim-down week 15

It’s official…I’m frustrated. I’m finding myself really stuck at 63 kgs (139 lbs). I’m not sure if it’s normal to reach a point where you just stay at that weight for awhile, or what.

I’ve been eating vegetarian sushi (with tofu and veggies), steamed vegs and rice, steamed vega and pasta, tofu egg salad on whole wheat tortilla wraps, green pea soup, miso soup, protein shakes and only once this week did I have the nutrilett diet soup. I have been doing daily planks, prisoner squats, leg lifts, kettle bells and hand weights with some random cardio mixed in for good measure. This week I’ll be adding in these reverse crunches for good measure.

So…what is going on? I’m going to give myself another week like this, and if I still haven’t managed to drop any weight or at least shape up a bit, then I’m just going to have to find something different that might be more effective.

Anyone have any insights as to why this is happening like this? Am I missing something?

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9 thoughts on “Winter slim-down week 15”

    1. HI 🙂 I’m 160cm / 5 ft 3 in height. I have not been weighing my portions, but I have been using smaller bowls and plates so as not to eat larger than necessary servings. I do have a food scale 🙂

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      1. Well, first, don´t freak out 🙂
        I understand that you want to lose weight but you are no overweighted.
        I get the point using smaller things, but smaller is “relative” smaller than what? 🙂
        You need to eat according to your weight, goals and activity level.
        Does this help? I need to go to the market now, but I can explain it better later 🙂
        Big hug, David

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      2. That’s great news! So does this mean I should just focus on toning up? Like many women there are trouble zones. I’m hoping that one of them is just temporarily getting larger due to the squats..?? ‘Smaller’ than the average large plate full of food. Totally helps, THANKS!!

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      3. Nope. This means that you should use your food scale 🙂 and notice how much are you eating (maybe is not enough, careful).
        Weight is not everything.
        If you focus on your workout it will reflect in your muscles. Did you heard that muscle weights more than fat, right? Actually it occupies less volume. So you can loose a size and gain some pounds… so you should measure your waist, thigh, arm…(every two weeks?)

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