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Lemon juice and Glycerine hand gel

This is my weekly find feature, for the weekly find challenge by a dark world inside. This is also a product review for this product, which I highly recommend…especially for winter hands!

After a month of complaining that my usual hand creams weren’t working -during a particularly cold and cruel winter, this little beauty found it’s way into my Christmas stocking. I don’t know if it was the soap I was using, or the extreme temps outdoors…but my hands have dried out so badly that they were cracking and even bleeding in some places. Ouch! Ouch! OOOOOUUUUCH!

This product, which originates in Finland, is glycerine based – not water based and has made a drastic difference in the condition of my hands. Thank you! For next winter, I will make sure to have a stock of this on hand…literally! Besides, whats the point of having a fantastic manicure when your hands look like you’re 100 years old?

What are your fave hand products for the cold?

Thanks for reading!



      • It works for me -but it isn’t a pretty name. Why couldn’t they have been more creative, so I could recommend something that sounds lovely? I’ll never know. As long as it helps my skin -that is the important aspect. I’m surprised you’ve heard of it -when it seems like no one uses it, but me. Although, that’s a silly thought! I’d love to try what you use.

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