Winter Slim down week 16

This week has been a bit different, as I was advised to start measuring food (no easy task when cooking for more than myself) and measuring my own body.  I have, however been trying. I downloaded a food journaling app that my guy recommended. (actually, 2 – my net diary for my phone -free & helpful, and perfect diet tracker for my pc…then linked up)  Although not steady about inputting entries, am starting to see what a few of my diet killers are as far as calorie intake is concerned. It’s good that I’m able to see what these are because seriously, I actually gained weight this week!

  • Sauce. I eat sauce on everything. Salad sauce, hot sauce, wing sauce (not just for hot wings anymore), pasta sauce, soy sauce… I had no idea that I was scarfing down more calories in the sauce I was using, than the actual food itself. This addiction is not going to be an easy one to cut back on. :/
  • Olive oil. When I was much larger, I used to cook with butter. I found out that olive oil was a much healthier option, so I basically scratched butter completely and began cooking with olive oil. This did actually help me drop weight initially, but now that I’m fighting for those last few kgs, it seems that the olive oil use as well might have to be minimized.
  • Bread and butter. In order to ensure I get enough B vitamins, I began eating beer yeast (no, I’m not scarfing down cooking yeast – this is made as a dietary supplement and tastes like cheese) sprinkled on top of toast in the mornings. Rarely do I scarf down bread and this is why: I discovered just this morning that the serving of croissants and honey I had last night equals like 400 kcal! But I figured I should go with what I’ve got. Time to find another route.
  • My morning fried flax/linseed/blueberry combo. I’ve been eating 1 or 2 spoonfuls every morning (daily omega 3 serving), and it helps to keep from starving halfway through the day. This beauty has 524 Kcal per 100 g. YIKES!!
  • Breath mints. I had no idea. Of course I knew it was sugar, but how could something so small pack a punch so big! I’ve been hitting these things hard. I used to rely on nicorette whenever cravings or stress hit, but then when enough was enough, I substituted breath mints for nicorette. Little did I know that kicking the nicorette habit is almost as bad as kicking the smoking habit. My metabolism seems to have come to a complete stop and racking up on mint calories is making matters worse. However, I will say this. Quitting smoking was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, so a bit of pudge here and there isn’t so bad in comparison. P.S:- Nicorette users: stick to the gum if thats what you’re using. Those tablets are super habit forming!
  • Pasta. I do have plans to continue cutting back on the pastas. This is not proving an easy task, since I am not the main chef in my home and meal time must appeal to a smaller set of taste buds. I do however have complete control over the pile I put on my plate. That will get smaller, and the veg portions larger.

At this time, I have been unable to locate my measuring tape. It’s not anywhere near where I thought I put it, so I fear its still in one of the few moving boxes we have left to sort. I won’t stop looking for it until I find it. Then I’ll measure several times per week as was recommended by Chape.

In my mind, it has to be the diet that’s causing the largest problem. I continue to exercise, and my outdoor treks alone range from 3 000 – 8 000 steps. This combined with squats, all 6 reverse crunches I can manage, planks, kettle bell and hand  weights and carrying should be helping drastically.

The supplements I’ve been taking several times per week are: 1 g MSM, the 25 vita green stuff I listed off last week, Vita C, the beer yeast for all the B vitamins, flax (omega 3), vita D, cranberry and potassium.

This upcoming week, I plan to eliminate the sugar from certain areas (hello black coffee), incorporate more leafy greens into my diet, utilize my protein shakes more often, snack on apples -oranges-celery when I’m having a mint attack, cut back on the sauces (*sniffle, whine, groan) and up my workout reps.

Any words of wisdom?

Thanks for reading!



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12 thoughts on “Winter Slim down week 16”

  1. I miss sauces (mayonnaise, mostly 😀 ). You are not alone!!!
    Also, excuse my bad English. You should measure once a month (or twice), not several times a week. That´s stressful. Give yourself some time, and let the diet and the exercise do their work 🙂
    Big hug, David

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    1. I know…I’m so sad that I must reduce these beloved sauces :/ Thank you for correcting, my english gets mixed sometimes too. It will be a relief to only measure few times per month, instead of per week! 🙂

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      1. Dear, you´ll be happy in a month or so 😉
        And you can use spices and herbs instead 🙂
        My bad, I could explain better the first time. I need to clarify it, I think twice a week is crazy 🙂
        Have a great day!

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  2. Sauces are the devil. For me it was soda and snacks.

    I am a lot more extreme in my diet now though. My processed carbohydrates are a breakfast only consumption (that’s pasta, bread, and rice).

    I don’t want to rant on and on about my diet, so I’ll just say that losing weight is 80% diet. If you get it under control, the weight falls off. It’s sad that exercise can’t cancel out some bad eating habits 😢

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  3. Sauces are the devil. We were uploading calorie counts on all our sauces this morning, and it was unimaginable! We thought we were eating light, and it was 500 cal of eating light.


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