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A Powerful Antibiotic from Nature…

I love home remedies and all things that help us to be increasingly self-sufficient. Here is some great advice for a simple at home cold relief from a blogger I follow, at


  1. The first thing my kids ask for when they get a cold is [raw] honey! zit definitely have healing properties that works wonders. I have yet to use tumeric though. Will definitely try it.

    • Great to hear, Tasha 🙂 I don’t know what it is about honey…magical healing properties with a yummy taste? I must research why honey is so helpful with colds!

  2. Thank you so much for the reblog! I appreciate it a lot and I enjoyed to read all the comments! I am happy that this powerful homemade recipe is helpful actually it is really helpful I did cured the Flu with only this! 😉
    Btw the solidarity Challenge did bring me here today visiting your great Blog and I found the surprise that you reblogged my post! Thank you! 😉

  3. You are welcome! The solidarity challenge also took me to your lovely site where I discovered this great bit of advice. You had quite many comments, so I’m sure you probably don’t remember me asking as my handle is different (Mliae), so…Surprise! 😀 Thank you for letting me reblog, as this is something I’m quite interested in. If it works, spread the word 🙂

  4. both are fantastic on their own – combined, fabulous. Did you know they are also really good for the skin? seriously! Makes a great facial mask. I was worried the turmeric would turn my skin yellow (I’m European) but if you use oatmeal or chickpea flour as a scrub afterwards it’s fine. Leaves the skin fresh, bright, hydrated

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