A Powerful Antibiotic from Nature…

I love home remedies and all things that help us to be increasingly self-sufficient. Here is some great advice for a simple at home cold relief from a blogger I follow, at http://www.yesterdayafter.com


tumeric 2 Turmeric

35082 Raw Organic Honey

Hello everyone,

this is not one of my usual post but is about “Health” and “Natural Remedies” I feel that this is something I like to share with all of you, especially right now that is Winter Season  it’s easy to get sick, weather change, cold temperatures, snow, rain, cold wind, humidity and so on…we need to be wise and protected because cold and flu is easy to catch and is not fun.
I have to say that I am a strong believer of the power of Nature not just in my Art but in everything I do and I use natural homemade remedies. I have seen great results most of the time.
What I am going to share is the recipe I used to cure my “Cold”  when I got sick around New Years Eve.
My symptoms were a cold associated with sore throat, cough, loss…

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16 thoughts on “A Powerful Antibiotic from Nature…”

  1. The first thing my kids ask for when they get a cold is [raw] honey! zit definitely have healing properties that works wonders. I have yet to use tumeric though. Will definitely try it.

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  2. Thank you so much for the reblog! I appreciate it a lot and I enjoyed to read all the comments! I am happy that this powerful homemade recipe is helpful actually it is really helpful I did cured the Flu with only this! 😉
    Btw the solidarity Challenge did bring me here today visiting your great Blog and I found the surprise that you reblogged my post! Thank you! 😉

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  3. You are welcome! The solidarity challenge also took me to your lovely site where I discovered this great bit of advice. You had quite many comments, so I’m sure you probably don’t remember me asking as my handle is different (Mliae), so…Surprise! 😀 Thank you for letting me reblog, as this is something I’m quite interested in. If it works, spread the word 🙂


  4. both are fantastic on their own – combined, fabulous. Did you know they are also really good for the skin? seriously! Makes a great facial mask. I was worried the turmeric would turn my skin yellow (I’m European) but if you use oatmeal or chickpea flour as a scrub afterwards it’s fine. Leaves the skin fresh, bright, hydrated

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