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Winter slim-down week 17

Good day, everyone! I am in a great mood, as this morning- I realized that I have lost 1,6 kgs (a bit over 3 lbs) this week! WWOOHHHOOOOO!! So even though I had come to a standstill and even fluffed back out a little, now I feel that I am leveling out and am ready to continue battling to lose these last few kilos.

I’ve been given some really great advice, support and workout skills that I have been trying to stick to like glue this week.

What I’ve done differently this week:

  • I increased my reps –> until it hurts (squats, kettle bells, weights, reverse crunches, jumping jacks) or I’m shaking (planks…uuugghhh)
  • I starting using drops of sauce instead of drowning it
  • I’ve been wearing my pedometer for the entire day so I can see how much running around I’m actually doing, when not technically running. You’d be amazed! Then I compete to out-do myself on a daily basis
  • I’m back on the crack: Matcha powder and green tea 1-2 times daily
  • I do not skip a day without supplements
  • For the most part, I have been taking my carbs at breakfast or early in the day
  • This week, I’m trading out my breath mints for hard vitamin candies. (I know, I know…shouldn’t be pigging out on candy of any kind. I’m trying. But its more important to me to get myself off the nicorette/nicotinelle)
  • Beans. I’ve been eating lots of beans this week.
  • Trying to incorporate more raw green leafy stuff into my meals. Kale, I’ve discovered, can be added to almost anything 🙂

This upcoming week, week 17, I think I’ll stick to what I’ve been doing and see if I continue to see good results. I will be weighing more of my food. This proves complicated at times, but it will be easier now that my guy is taking the lead on measuring and weighing. Always better to do things together!

Also…I’ll be upping the ante on my speed walking. I’m so happy to tell you that there will be 2 sled dogs joining the family this week! Finally!! We adopted them and the adoption process has taken months. Siberian Huskies need an incomparable amount of outdoor exercise, and yours truly will be going along on that drag….several times daily. I’m so excited! I’ll introduce the new additions to you when we get them settled in 😀

Thanks for reading!



    • Thank you! I’m steadily gaining an addiction to kale. Green tea wires me up, so aside from all the great properties it contains, running around at high speed probably doesn’t hurt the diet either 😉

  1. Congrats for your loss 😀 😀
    Congrats to your guy! (take care of him 😉 )
    And congrats for the adoptions!! I speak for many when I say: We want pics!!!!
    Big hug, David

    • Thanks 😀 Thanks 🙂 And Thanks!!! We’ll see how this food weighing thing goes. Its easy when it’s just me weighing what I’m eating, but there’s so much guess work when cooking for multiples. Fingers crossed! OF COURSE, LOTS of pics of my exercise buddies can be expected 😀 😀 I’ll be keeping an eye out for those new exercises 😉

      • I know the food scale is not your best friend right now 🙂
        Your family´s support is great, and you´ve just seen results! Patience and constancy 😉

      • You are right…why do the serving sizes and the sizes for the measurements that are always on the package, ALWAYS have to be different? Too much math 😛 It’s going good though & there’s still hope for that bikini bod soon 😀 Next challenge: eating healthy while traveling.

  2. I could feel my husband shudder when I read the line about kale. I do add it to nearly everything and he’d really rather I didn’t! Congrats on this week’s loss. Good luck going forward!

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