Winter slim-down week 18

This week, I seem to be holding strong at my same weight. This doesn’t actually bother me so much as I know why it is.

Valentine’s weekend was wonderful and I ate A LOT of delicious yummies! Guilt factor: zero. I was also fortunate enough to have an S.O. who allowed me to lounge around all the weekend while the cooking, housework, dog work was handled for me. It was AWESOME!

My routine has changed a bit as the doggies arrived (YEAH! Intro post will be forthcoming!) so I have been taking many multiples of walks on a daily basis and since  I am not used to this particular activity (one of them is a real puller), my arms and back are quite sore so I have basically just been lazing around when I have the opportunity. Although I have been continuing my regular exercises, it has been sporadic, at best. See; doggie yoga.

As of today, things are already starting to get settled again. So this week should resume as normal with lots and lots of extra walking, jogging, and finagling the giants 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Winter slim-down week 18”

  1. Well the good news is your weight did not increase even though you indulged!! YAY! Anyways indulging every now and then is good for the soul…glad the rest of you is starting to settle in, love doggies..have fun with them!!! 🙂

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