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Camphor: Yes, you need it!

Remember that old green jar of smelly stuff (aka camphor-phenic) that your mom used to smear all over your face whenever you got a bad case of the sniffles? I haven’t seen that stuff in ages. But this is the grown up version…in liquid form, so it can be used for more than helping you breathe better when you’re sick.

This is Borneo Camphor, purchased on a small rubber tree and camphor farm in rural Thailand. I swear by this stuff. It’s one of the most commonly used medicines in traditional medicines.

It’s commonly used as inhalant to assist better breathing, but it’s also got at least 100 other uses. It can be used as an insecticide, and anti-nervous inhalant, to tell if there’s an imbalance in the body,  as a disinfectant and a germicide.

It is also used to calm muscle spasms and cramping, as a anti inflammatory and sedative. It’s even considered an aphrodisiac when consumed. (Don’t ask me about this one…I have no idea).

I’m a huge fan of all things that serve multiple purposes. (Especially since it helps to minimize the need for bags of different treatments into one pretty little vial). Camphor, is actually relatively inexpensive. So my suggestion to you, is to purchase it when given the opportunity.

What’s your favourite use for camphor?

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  1. Camphor was not used in my home when I was growing up; in fact, I have never smelled it. My mother was a fan of menthol or eucalyptus.
    So, it turns out that this rather pungeant stuff has a bunch more uses, eh? That’s interesting.

    • It does, yes. It’s surprising how many things we have around that are good for more than just what we purchase it for. Be glad you didn’t use it when you were a kid. It was the equivalent of going to school with tiger balm all over your face 😛

  2. I remember camphor from when I was a kid. I thought it stinks big time. 😀 Cool to read about it again. But be careful! If I remember correctly, this stuff can be dangerous if overused. Stay safe!

  3. I’ve never tried it. But since it has so many different purposes I have to try it! Thanks for an informative post, I’m here from the Solidarity support.

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