Recycled Book Challenge: ‘Hillary´s Scheme’ by Carl Limbacher

In light of the upcoming 2016 United States Presidential elections, when I saw this book ‘Hillary´s Scheme‘, I had to make it an addition to my years worth of reading for the recycled book challenge! I mean, talk about perfect timing!

Hillary Clinton is one of United States Democratic party frontrunners for President this year. I saw this book and although political reading is not exactly what I would call relaxing, I figured I would step out of my comfort zone and give it a shot.

This book, published in 2003, was a bit impossible for me to finish all the way. It was obviously written by a Tea Party Republican propagandist, as dramatic accolades of President Bush’s handling of the 9/11 tragedies make him out to be some sort of hero at instant action and successful calming of the American public. In other words – pure propaganda. This began on page 2 of the book, so you can imagine what it was like the entire way through. I mean seriously. Now, I might not be in the USA, but Bush’s war was a highly publicized event and I’ve not yet heard that he ´led America to its first decisive wartime win since 1945´ as stated on page 23. Did you know that happened? New to me. Perhaps with the constant international news coverage, we somehow missed that fact.

The more I read of this book, the more I realize that it was published as nothing more than a smear campaign against the Clintons. Even judging them for digging up dirt against their opponents…as if thats not exactly whats happening in this case. Only, published forever. As this is a used book, I have to wonder if it was something handed out by the republican party during a dreaded fear that Mrs. Clinton would run in 2004. Then, just tossed in the receivers suitcase for a good bit of dirt to read on the plane and left behind for the next reader, who must’ve read it, thought to themselves ´this is rubbish´and sold it at the market.

The author of this book has managed to find at least one person who will testify that Mrs. Clinton claims to have never wanted to run for the Presidency, and that President Clinton initially vowed while in Arkansas that he would never run for President. Whoops. As well as drudging up Mrs. Clintons hesitancy to publicly state her endorsement for Gore, or her own plans to run. In reading the micro transcript of her dodging the question by even stating that she would be in Hawaii when it came time to endorse; it seems blatantly clear to me that the woman is merely trying to keep her mouth shut on the situation. Just because someone on television asks you something, does not mean you have to tell all. No. There is a time and a place and it was obviously not at that particular time and place. She could have not been more polite about it, nor more clear without saying ´none of your damned business´.

Despite the conspiracy theories, I still managed to read on. I reached my breaking point when I had to drudge my way through an entire section dragging Mrs Clinton through the mud for her part in the Watergate scandal when President Nixon was in office. Now, this was a bit before my time, so I did some independent research because…its just surreal to blame a collegiate for one America’s biggest presidential scandals of its time! And its utter boulderdash. True, Hillary Clinton did return to Washington in 1974, following her studies at Yale. HOWEVER, she was NOT covering up watergate for the president, but was actually working on the Presidents impeachment inquiry staff!

As if this complete 180 degree version of the truth was not enough to make me throw in the towel, I read on… And then I find it. An entire chapter devoted to her abuse and temperament as reported by Star magazine. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not one of the nations leading yellow journalism magazines? Yes, it is. As a University graduate, I know that there are reliable sources for research and unreliable resources for research. Wikipedia = unreliable. Gossip magazines = TOTALLY unreliable! I could invent more reliable information myself and publish it. This is the point at which I decided that continuing to devote precious hours of my life to this…Gossip, lie, communistic propaganda was done. I have better things to do than to struggle my way through this nonsense and so do you.

For whomever will be screaming that I have my own agenda; I have no political affiliations regarding the US elections.

I’m challenging these bloggers to join in my recycled book reading challenge:

Barbara from teleporting weena

Mystical Writer

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Jason from Nerdy life of Mine

My next read will be much lighter 🙂

I’m so happy that people are continuing to join this challenge! Please feel free to share in the fun…lets dig out these old valuables 🙂 The more the merrier!

Thanks for reading!



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6 thoughts on “Recycled Book Challenge: ‘Hillary´s Scheme’ by Carl Limbacher”

  1. Wow, guess you were glad of the end of the month and not quite finishing that book 🙂 Your review is fantastic to read – but I won’t be making a grab for that book if I spot one 😉

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  2. Thanks for thinking of me for the book challenge. I know I have lots of recycled/used books that I haven’t read yet. I’ll look back over the instructions, and when I figure it out, I’d be happy to join in! 🙂

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