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Winter slim-down week 21

Buh-bye cheese, tofu and tempeh. I love you…

This is the start of week 21, and Spring. Yet, I’m still at the same weight as when I began this journey. I didn’t just not shed the weight. I shed the weight, gained it back over the holidays, then fought like hell to just fluctuate back and forth between a couple kilos.

Now, I’m calling in the big guns. I’ve begged for advice and help which has come in many forms and I am so very grateful! This is my last ditch effort to get in bikini condition. I should have already started the cellulite cupping that I was so excited to try, but I cannot until I really lose some of this fat.

I’ve been told to cut out the tempeh, tofu and cheese this week. Which I am doing, starting today! Please keep your fingers crossed for me as these are my favourite foods to eat on the regular. Here’s the killer though: When the amounts of this stuff I’m eating several times a week was looked into, it was discovered that I’m ingesting 10 times the fat than I should be! OK, so I understand. But still whining. Absolutely.

So, protein in the form of peas, beans, legumes and broccoli.

Water. I’m still having a difficult time downing 2-3L of water a day. I can barely drink more than 1L and even then, I’m running to the loo all day long!

Exercise. Starting a whole different routine, 3 days per week. More on that when I can move my arms again.

Lets see how this goes 😉 Whats worked for you?

Wish me luck!





  1. Good luck! I think it’s a good idea to leave off the cheese, etc. I’ve had a tiny bit of luck – not really doing anything different, I’m still doing the Mostly Plant-Based Real Food eating I’ve been doing for a year or so. I’m just trying to snack less (no chocolate chips and brandy after dinner!) and trying to make portions smaller. It’s a slow slog to get used to it, but I’ve lost about 2 pounds and get it there, give or take 8 oz or so. Oh, what the heck. I’m still discouraged about it.

    • Thanks for your input! I agree, it is so slow going to start new, better eating habits. I’m in a cold water shock right now that the whole thing has been turned on its head and shaken up a bit. For the best though because what I was doing isn’t working. Don’t get discouraged…your doing right!

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