Morning coffee musings

Good morning, world! You know when you finally get some peace and quiet, prepare your morning caffe and just sit. Silently watching out the window, sipping and watching the world go by. Maybe you read the news or check your email. Or perhaps you just enjoy the rare moment of solitude before the day’s chaos begins or continues. I personally enjoy the silence and solitude. But somehow usually find myself making a to-do list in the process. So much for a quiet mind.

What are some of the things you think about? Occasionally, I catch myself looking around at all the clutter and just wondering…why? I used to be quite a minimalist, with everything in its place. Then somehow, my habits got out of whack and it just seems that there is so much more than is needed…and not enough of what’s needed.

On a disturbingly regular basis, I find myself contemplating people in the world which I have never met, and their perceived joy at what few things they have. Children and adults alike. ‘Kids these days’! I know that when I was kid, even though I had a pretty room with lots of cool books and dolls and chemistry sets, I spent a majority of my time playing outside either with the neighborhood kids, my family, or just exploring and making mud pies by myself. I used to sit on the front steps of my home for hours and play with that taffy bubble making stuff and a paddle ball. Remember those? How much fun!  I also know that many of you were the same. So what’s happened? We still have all the cool stuff to play with, but for kids and adults alike, it seems that we’re so enamored by video games, tv, smart phones, iPads, kindle and the like that we don’t go out and play anymore. Consumerism has sky rocketed, despite the glaring fact that technology holds our attention for the most part so we actually need LESS stuff than before. If that’s the case, why do we have more? It’s a vicious cycle too. Remember when you were first on your own and broke…I mean totally broke. You stared at that sweater you fell in love with last month and keep waiting for the markdowns, saving your money and praying that your size was still available when that 70% off sale hit. (I had just this problem a few weeks ago still -as I try to be somewhat frugal and have expensive taste. Frugal with luxury items…what an oxymoron. But it’s possible. I found a gorgeous marks and spencer pure cashmere cowl neck sweater.  I want it so bad! But alas, credit card bills to pay so I sadly walked away and am currently waiting…and praying to find my size when a super markdown happens – hopefully it will).When we finally get our grubby little hands on something we’ve worked hard and waiting for, it’s appreciated! (And worn to shreds). So is it accessibility or the culture of consumerism that makes us seemingly not value those items which we have and constantly demand more? I guess its both. Keeping up with the Jones’s and all that. The fact remains though that whether we have 3 sweaters or 20, they can only be worn one at a time. And whether we have a pile of dvd’s we don’t watch, or a room full of toys left unplayed with – the more we have, the more we are driven to obtain.

The more obtained, the higher the need to ‘organize’. (Seriously, just get rid of it) I saw a video on youtube last week featuring an obviously OCD lady with more money to burn than sense. I kid you not. She had hanging ring binders for her sticker sheets. Had you taken away her label maker, she surely would have had a nervous breakdown. This is the kind of excess that I am speaking. I appreciate and strive for an immaculate home just as much as the next person. But to always strive for the next thing, the next purchase, the new shorts, that hat you have to have but can’t wear anywhere, the absolute waste of video game purchases…and the inability to ever just sit back, look around and think to yourself ‘ Im happy with what I’ve got. Now I can save for retirement’.

Whereas, there are those that willingly or not, do not have the clutter to burden them down. Perhaps they do not have what we consider to be necessities either. But have you seen the appreciation and care taken for those items when one does not have so much … excess?

What are your thoughts?


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14 thoughts on “Morning coffee musings”

  1. I agree! Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of all the extra- that we really don’t need. Oh to have a simple life, filled only with what really matters! That is a lovely sweater, by the way.

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  2. Ha! I read your post slowly, trying to enter into your mood,Like it was morning, the fresh onset of solitude, the coffee.. and I let my calm mind wander..and think of things around, then experience a reverie of past, good old days, then return back to the present wondering things have changed so much, and then contemplate on even deeper philosophies, and I take a sip of coffee and I stare out again! 🙂 This part of day is such a bliss!

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  3. Amen! We have become a world of got to have everything and right now whether we need it or even want it but RIGHT NOW!!
    Simple things are the best things!!

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  4. I love this post. You are so right. We are living in a world of excess. A friend recently recommended trying the 33 clothing challenge. Only have 33 items of clothing, shoes, and accessories for the next three months and then switching out pieces for the next seaon. Somewhat inspired I cleared my closet of 33 items of clothing that I just wasn’t wearing. I never did take the next step to only select 33 pieces to wear for the next three months, but this post is reminding me that it might be the perfect things to do. Why live with all that excess? I’d appreciate each item that much more. Thanks for the inspiring read.

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    1. Thank you so much! I have heard of the 33 challenge. I actually thought to myself that I might try it. Funnily enough, when I did my sustainable wardrobe cleanup recently, I counted. I found myself with way under 33 items in my closet (not counting winter boots & work heels – of which there are only a few pairs, or accessories). This was such a surprise to me because its all stuff I usually wear anyway, so I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Including accessories in that count might be a tough one though. I know it would be for me because I can make 1 outfit look like 4, just by accessorizing. So thats my weakness, I guess. You should give it a go, you might love it! It is SO MUCH EASIER to get dressed in the mornings 🙂 Let us know how it turns out, I’d love to hear.


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