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Winter slim-down week 22

Yes, this is still happening. Although, progress is being made. I know because my pants fit better. I feel like a post make-over victim standing blindfolded in front of a mirror waiting…waiting for that big reveal!

My daily weigh-ins are a thing of the past. I was told sternly that my weight would fluctuate and I am just torturing myself with the scale every morning. Ok. I’m staring at it, but not jumping on it. Much like a cupcake.

I was also told – ok lectured with quite loud voice, that I’m actually not eating ENOUGH! This I found incredibly hard to swallow (no pun intended) but after some convincing, explaining and cajoling I accepted this possibility with a reasonable amount of hesitancy and have now been eating 5 variable sized meals a day. I was instructed to eat more protein (in the form of vegetable and legumes…I’m mostly vegetarian), less fatty stuff (bye cheese, butter, tofu and tempeh) and to drink more water. I’ve been cheating a bit by combining all of this into protein or chlorella/spirulina shakes chock full of mandarin, banana, green leafy stuff and topped with chia seeds. (Pictured)

Incorporating my diet  and doing a 180 with an every-other-day workout routine which has proven vigorous, to say the least. Along with a ton of cardio, stretching and strength training, David from Chape has me doing forearm planks and glute bridges  at 60 second intervals. At first progress was slow…or even reverse. But as of today I am starting to see a glimmer of hope that this bus will turn itself around and start heading in the right direction.

And here we are: embarking on week 22 with hopes of fitting into last summers shorts without crying when I see myself in that mirror. Two more weeks on this specific routine until I can take off that blindfold and gaze with wonder at what I will look like for my Spring debut. 🙂

Wish me luck!

Hows your slim-down going?




  1. I love how you describe it 🙂
    If your pants fit better… I have nothing else to say!
    Thank you so much 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    Big hug, David.

  2. I like how you are putting down your slim-down experience to words. Does sharing the experience publicly gives you an extra push to be more dedicated to the diet? {From Comment Bootcamp}

    • Yes, it definitely does! Nobody wants to fall flat on their face in a very public way. So sharing my progress and pitfalls here helps me to keep on the straight and narrow 😉

  3. Are you tracking all that you eat or making a change each week? (Like cutting back on the fattier foods this week.) I did a plan like that several years ago with weight training and it did wonders. It sounds like good progress is being made with the plan you are on!

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