Morbidly Mortal or Blessed by Time?

In light of todays’ bombings in Brussels, I decided to publish this post. We live in a world where it is becoming an increasingly common story to wake up, round up the family for breakfast, head off to work thinking of the days tasks ahead of us and never expecting the unexpected to happen. Sadly, the unexpected is now becoming an ever awakened subconscious warning system in the brain of the collective conscious.

In the heyday of bucket lists, world-wide conflict and poverty and big pharma CEO’s who skyrocket the price of life saving medications (I’m so glad that guy got arrested)…it’s difficult to not occasionally ponder ones own mortality.

Do you ever wonder how people who have spent their entire lives in conflict zones, deal with the knowledge that one day, the end will come? I did…and I’ve seen it while traveling. I can tell you, people in these situations deal with that realization much better than those of us who live in relative safety, comfort and health. In areas where the economy isn’t totally bust and people aren’t spending their days in hiding – they party, they eat, they laugh, they love! It’s the best living example of living each day as your last that I’ve ever witnessed. And it is awesome!

When I was a child, I was taught not to dawdle nor take advantage…to try and live every day as if it were my last, because one day it would be. Then, as the years past and I welcomed myself to the daily struggle of work, play, bills, relationships, and the hopes I held for myself, the days began to past with an ever increasing pace. Suddenly, the valuable time I had for friends and family – began to give way to the stressful day I had ahead. The money in my account, saved for travels instead of nights out with the girls. (Sometimes, we have to prioritize or nothing gets done.) Although still deeply caring for my closest and trying to make enough hours in the day to make sure they were taken care of and knew that they’re loved, somehow…habit began to take over. Work, dishes, laundry, hoovering, cooking, trash, post, maybe a quick get together…repeat. Don’t you ever just wake up and wonder; if today were my last day…would THIS be what I wanted to be doing??

If today were my last day, THIS is what I would be doing differently:

  • I would wake up early to watch the sunrise
  • I would wear my best jewelry
  • I would make the GOOD coffee – as much as I wanted. (Creme Brûlée press)
  • I would make sure my paperwork was in order so that my family wouldn’t have to struggle more than necessary
  • I would stop fighting for the ideal relationship, and start appreciating all the little things that make him perfect
  • I would make sure every member of my family knows how much I love them and why they’re so fantastic!
  • I would throw out or donate everything that wasn’t an absolute necessity or to be passed on so that nobody had to come clean out my home for weeks on end.
  • I would have a party by the lake with lots of live music and dance and laugh until the stars came out.
  • I would glam myself out to meet my maker and surround myself with those few which I hold closest to my heart to tell stories until my time came.

With adventure, comes age. With age, comes responsibility. With responsibility, comes exhaustion. With exhaustion, comes laziness…and the time starts to slide away.

So the burning question remains… If today were your last day, what would you do differently?


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11 thoughts on “Morbidly Mortal or Blessed by Time?”

    1. Thank you so much Lisa, its good to hear. To be quite honest, I was a bit concerned about how this post would go over. Little ones do force us to deal with our own mortality…you are absolutely correct there.


  1. I today were to be my last day, I will call all my friends and families to say goodbye and then will sit with my girl with a glass of red wine in hand, and will read her few poems that I wrote for her.

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  2. If today were my last day, I’d snuggle and play with my Little, take a long warm shower and wear my favorite flannel shirt and jeans, hold my husband, and a tray of taco dip. 🙂 Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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