Winter slim-down week 27

I’m happy to report further progress this week! I now weigh in at 62,7 kgs (138 lbs) so I’ve averaged a weightless of one lb. The progress is slow-going, but I know that more will fall off and also that since I’m losing the weight slowly, there’s a higher chance that it will stay off. I’m also happy to report that I nailed my steps goal…exceeded it even (as you can see above). My steps goal was 12000 but I managed over 14000 and that too makes me a happy girl!

What I did this week: I maintained the new exercises that I’ve been doing this month as suggested by David at Chape Personal Trainer. He has been pushing me – especially as far as arm strength goes. I suck at push-ups, these one arm planks are so not-easy  but they are definitely working, and this reverse fly move with the weights I wrote about last week – ouch! But no pain, no gain…am I right? And I can see the definition starting to come out in my arms…and some in my back too. Those wiggly bits under the arm aren’t so wiggly anymore. THANK YOU, DAVID! I’ll be able to wear sleeveless in the next few weeks without totally worrying about flabby arm syndrome.

I also ate mainly fresh fruit and veg and cut out most of the processed foods I eat. (Only partially by choice; I wanted to eat more fresh foods and cut back on all the hidden evilness in my easy-to.prepare processed foods but I wasn’t planning to do it so quickly but my card was stolen and my account is all but frozen so fresh fruit and veg is what I have accessible in the house. Just the push I needed apparently because I want to continue this!) Something interesting happened though and I’d like to share it. I was hungry for like the first 2 days. Snacking constantly on fruit and veg. I was CRAVING SUGAR. I’m not talking ‘a cookie would be nice’, I mean flat out, ready to gulp down syrup-honey-agave anything sweet by the mouthful, craving sugar. It was insane and I looked like a crazy woman. At one point, I actually caught myself wondering if I could smear syrup on sunflower seeds and bake it and would it turn into something resembling peanut brittle. This was early in the evening Wednesday, and NO, I didn’t do it. And then it hit… The absolute worst headache I’ve ever had. (I get migraines occasionally, but in a very specific place and that wasn’t it.) It was like a front of the skull in a vice kind of headache. I was like ‘ Wo-aw!’. I took something for it and hit the bed. Yesterday when I woke up, I felt like a different person. Less lazy and more motivated- plus an upgrade in the energy department. It’s like my body was going through some serious withdrawal and then it just kind of- broke through. I feel much more human than I have in weeks and this is what’s going to keep me at it. If sugars and preservatives have that kind of effect on our bodies, thats just scary.

What I’ll be doing this coming week: I’ll be sticking to the fresh and fruit and veg as best I can. Since I went far more than the recommended week without tofu, I don’t feel bad about having a bit of that. I’ll be adding a new set of additional exercises, which I will incorporate into my next post.

Looking forward to fitting into that bikini!


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