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Many congratulations Jacqueline for your new publication!


I would love to give a shoutout and a ton of congratulations to fellow blogger, total sweetie, and extremely had worker – Jacqueline Oby-ikocha for publishing her first book!

This book, ‘Out of the Silent Breath’ is a collection of poems. I’m sure its a gorgeous read and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Please visit A cooking pot and twisted tales to check out all Jacqueline has to offer, and also where this gorgeous new book can be found!

*Disclaimer: OMG, I reposted this and we realized that on twitter and elsewhere, it looked like I had basically stolen her post and that it was me who’d published. Jacqueline, I’m very sorry, I was just trying to get the word out…I’m so happy for you!


  1. Thank you very much my dear. I totally appreciate the shout out. It’s not problem at all about the reposting and assumptions 😊
    Hope you will step in for my blog party today. It just started.

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