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Book Review: Daughter of the Sun by Zoe Kalo #WWVBT

I literally could not stop reading this book. I was hooked within the first 2 chapters and found myself reading the entire day until I had read this book in its entirety. I haven’t done that in years!

The setting begins in a convent/orphanage where Trinity, almost 17 years old, discovers that she does indeed have surviving family who have found and sent for her. Escorted to her home by a mysterious, slightly glamorous woman, Trinity finds herself and her new cat Slugger on the Isle of Cats off the coast of Turkey,  and life as she knows it, is officially and completely turned upside down.

This socially awkward teenager has her eyes forcibly opened to a whole new realm of possibilities, history and a terrifying lack of control in her newly acquired circumstance. As a reprieve, she enjoys the company of her fun-loving, ill tempered and misunderstood ‘cousin’ Ara and her friends.

Trinity has a lifetime of questions, which she has to struggle to get the answers for. This strong-willed, hard-headed and hot-tempered girl sets out to find the answers at any cost. In most cases, only leading to more unanswered questions. On her quest for the truth, Trinity enters into a dark reality from which there is seemingly no return.

You see, Trinity was born on the solar eclipse. And on her 17th birthday at the Summer Solstice, there will be another eclipse, only a rarer one…when the moon turns blood red. It comes about only every 170 years. There is an ancient Egyptian prophecy about what will come to play on this evening, but only certain people are aware of it. By the time you finish this book, you’ll be chanting Margarets words: ‘The three of you must work together…

I’m having to exercise some willpower here in order to not give a complete summary of the book because its really good and I think it should be read and enjoyed – not given the cliff notes version. The e-book can be purchased HERE for $1.23 on amazon.

This book contains the mystical, the mysterious, the fun and sun that we all find ourselves longing for on occasion. It’s an easy read, which makes it one just fall into the pages…turning, turning and turning until many hours later when you’ve finally reached the thrilling and much anticipated conclusion. I would recommend this book as a good read for adults and teens alike, but my suggestion is the 15+ age range.

The author, Zoe Kalo writes with a passion and knowledge of Egyptology that will send you on a mythological treasure hunt of your own. Read and enjoy!

Looking forward to the second book in this series!


*Disclosure: I was granted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Which has been given. I really enjoyed it 🙂 #WWVBT


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