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Let’s Connect!

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers!

I’ve been wanting to create a networking post for awhile now. Today is the day! The longer I blog, the more I realize how saturated the blogosphere really is. With so many blogs out there and social media accounts…some for beginners, some for lifers and a multitude in between, its really difficult to expand our horizons or to follow our already beloved bloggers via other forms of social media. That is my motivation for this.

In the past several months, I have noticed a couple of my very considerate fellow bloggers trying tirelessly to create some kind of arena in which we can all get involved to not only promote ourselves and share our other social media accounts with those who might actually wish to be more actively involved, but find new and interesting blogs to check out as well.

So here’s what I’m proposing: Comment with your blog(s) url and additional social media links or handles, that way people can find you. If you follow a new blog or other form of social media, like that persons comment so they know and can look you up as well. Simple as that.

Let’s connect!

Please, comment, share, like and visit πŸ™‚

Here’s my info:

Url: www.lifexperimentblog.comΒ 

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    For all who are looking to meet and greet new people and blogs, Mliae is hosting a Let’s Connect! post – please visit and connect. πŸ™‚

  2. This is perfect timing as I just wrote a post about blogging and cooking with blogging tips and how to connect with blog parties, etc.
    My name is Donna, I blog about just about everything with a lot of humour, drop by, stay a spell, you might never want to leave!
    Using social media to get out there, be a shameless self-promoting bloghussy (like me) is awesome, enjoy!
    Where I’m a complete twit:
    Endlessly baffled by humanity:
    The desert where I wander:
    Where I google, not nearly as fun as it sounds:
    Another place to bloglove:
    Hope this week treats you kindly, so happy to connect! πŸ™‚

    • Hehe…that’s our girl πŸ™‚ The queen of all things (or so she thinks). She loves to run and play but I had to get a video of that. I’ve never seen a dog so happy to be in the snow πŸ˜€ Thanks for checking it out!

    • Probably. Only I don’t do email lists at the moment. Anything I have to share, I share here or via my other social networks. I’m just a really big fan of networking & teamwork πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for suggesting I come. I’m at work and can’t access my social media links–blocked at school. However, I know my Twitter handle is @MrsPaznanski
    Thanks for suggesting this and telling me about it. People seem excited and interested.

  4. Hello fellow bloggers. Please check out my small business blog It’s all about telling the small business story on start-ups and entrepreneurs in The Bahamas. I hope to help promote small businesses and inspire others to pursue their dreams. Cheers!

  5. Hello people.
    I’m a total noob when it comes to blogging. I mostly just write for family and friends. But I am looking to take it further now and connect with other bloggers. So I searched “connect blog” in the search thing, and this came up. So here I am, and here’s my blog. Someone please explain to me how the heck to go about this.
    Quick warning, there is some language in there.

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