He Proposed!!!


Happy Mid-summer weekend all! This week has been full of excitement 🙂

On Thursday, my guy asked me to Marry Him and this lady said YES! YES! YES! 

I’m so in love, and so excited I can hardly contain myself! I’m already making all around me insane by trying to get a solid grip on venue and date. Apparently, this guy wants to do some planning and I’m going to let him!


Cheers 🙂



Winter slim-down week 34


I’m BAAAAAAACK! Thank you all so much for your get well wishes! I am feeling better from the sinusitis. Much, MUCH better!

For most of last week as well, I really just relegated myself to fruit and soups. Then the sleep. Its bad enough being really sick, but add to that codeine based prescription cough medicine, and I was snoozing away close to 20 hours of my days. Apparently antibiotics and additional medications serve to place one in a near coma until recovery is complete. Whatever works.

I’m back on the exercise train as of Tuesday morning. As opposed to my every-other-day workout regimes, I opted for the fast revival approach of every day beginning Tuesday so that I could get back on track from all the days of barely eating, and a couple days of eating everything in sight to make up for it. On Tuesday when I followed my daily regime given to me by Chape Personal Trainer, David asked me to fill him in on how I felt afterward. Needless to say, although not appearing to be a super strenuous regime, I felt like I was going to puke and collapse – or vice versa. I reported, and was greeted with a hearty laugh and a welcome back 🙂 I guess I deserved that since I was given a reprieve from any sort of physical activity until I felt better. So here I am: Feeling better and exercising harder. Today, I worked a lot on arms – even though its a break day.

That’s another thing I’ve learned when on the receiving end of a friendly lecture regarding my overzealous attempt to dramatically reduce my calorie intake which resulted in the ‘nacho incident’. Why didn’t I just exercise harder, instead of eating less? Wow, logic, who would’ve actually thought about that?! Well played David

So this coming week (hopefully my last until I hit my under 60 kg goal) I’ll be focusing on real food. Still fresh fruit and veg, taking it easy on the breads and pastas and maybe trying some actual cooking instead of my usual salads, or just eating raw whatever I manage to grab. As for exercises, I will be sticking to my regime. So whatever Chape sends my way is what I’ll be doing. This dumbbell shrug, for example, is surprisingly effective!

Here’s to hoping next weeks update is my WWWOOOOHHHOOOO moment!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Winter slim-down diet week 33


This week, I have accomplished absolutely nothing. 🙁 Good news: No weight gain, no binges…I’m still at 61 something kgs. Bad news: No weightloss either. Not too big a surprise, since I’ve basically just been in bed.

I was doing well until the weekend hit, although I was dragging a bit for more than a week now. And then it hit…the flu, or so I thought. I haven’t been able to do just anything as far as normal day-to-day goes. After about a week of feeling totally defeated, I went to the doctor today and found out I have a raging case of sinusitis.

David, from Chape Personal Trainer who has been coaching me (something Awesome!) and helping me to stay on track, told me with quite loud voice, to take a rest from the workouts until I can breathe and eat properly again.

Fortunately, I now have a stock of antibiotics and cough medicine so I should be feeling much better in a few days, I expect. We are so so so soon close to my under 60 kg goal and I’m not doing anything to compromise it – even IF convenience food is the tempting option.


We got this 😉 I’ll be gradually re-introducing exercise starting with this dumbbell shrug.

I’m looking forward to an update post next week in the 60,? Kgs!

Don’t give up!


Winter slim down diet week 32

More good news this week! I’m back down to the 61’s! After my nacho incident(s) last week, I thought it would be a major setback. But…nope! This week I managed to get down to 61,2 kgs (134 lbs).

I’m so close…SSOOOOOO CLOSE to reaching my goal of under 60 kgs. 1,3 kg away. The day I reach 59,9 you can look forward to a huge WOOOOHOOOO post!

Thanks to the new exercises David  from Chape personal trainer has given me, like this bicep curl, my arms are starting to really look like – oh yea 😉

I’ve been doing A LOT of toning exercises this week. My shoulders, middle back and backside are killing me! But *Ow in a good way 😉  I’m really loving the outcome so far of all the work David has put into helping me shed the weight and I CAN’T WAIT until I hit that 59,9 kg level!!

I did really well on the eating front this week. Only one tiny little thing. We have fresh rhubarb! And we make rhubarb juice! Aaaaannnddd it has a TON of sugar in it. We found a way to reduce the amount of white sugar needed by substituting a tad of vanilla sugar instead of a couple scoops of white sugar. We even further reduced the amount by adding half water because it tastes concentrated when it is fully cooked.  But alas, still there is quite a bit more sugar involved than I am comfortable with. Anybody have some suggestions on this?

Otherwise, business as usual. Trying to at least be cognizant of my calorie intake, exercising like a mad fiend and hoping – hoooopppiiinnnnnng that I’ll be looking ah-mazing in my suit this summer!

Thanks for reading 🙂


CARMEX Original Lip Balm Review

I reblogged this post by The High Ponytail  because its a good review of this product. I’ve heard many good things about Carmex. Unfortunately it isn’t available in my corner of the world, so I wanted to share an honest review of it as pertains to my seemingly never ending search for the products to produce the perfect pout. Read and enjoy…and drop by the High Ponytail for more great posts!

Product Description: Generations have relied on our hardworking original lip balm formula. Soothes dry, chapped lips  Creates a long-lasting water barrier with petrolatum, which acts like a bandage…

Source: CARMEX Original Lip Balm Review

DIY Yard Waste Composter

Hi all and happy Sunday 🙂

As most of you know, we’ve been working, working, working…to make this place great and add some curb appeal at the new place!

This composter desperately needed to be done, as we have quite a bit of yard space and nowhere to put all the cut branches, grass clippings, etc.

I was so excited when my partner mustered up some old wood and put this beauty together! It will be full soon, and no doubt, we’ll have lots of good quality planting soil next spring! 🙂

Making yard compost is really easy, especially since you don’t have to be so super cautious about placement since it doesn’t use food waste. A yard compost pile really only needs a perimeter (such as this), lids or solid walls are not a necessity. Just toss all your leaves, and natural yard waste inside it. The outside will insulate the core and will help to excellerate the natural process of breaking down the material. In about a year this will result in a natural, nutrient rich form of soil and fertilizer (especially if you add coffee grounds). Because worms are naturally attracted, and necessary in the process, you must place your composter a reasonable distance from your home, as to not create  a pathway for creepy crawlies from the compost to your home.

Compost and enjoy!


500 reasons to celebrate today!


When I came into WP this morning and saw this beautiful notification, I was so excited! When I began blogging in October of 2015, I couldn’t imagine that 500 of my fellow bloggers would be interested enough in what I have to say to follow me, much less that I would make the wonderful friends that I have made here.


I am so glad that I made the decision to take this journey and I am so so so grateful that you have joined me! Thank you so much! I love your comments, I enjoy reading your blogs, and I have made some golden friendships.


Here’s to you guys…THANKS!


Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand

Written by Dr. Rick Brinkmann and Dr. Rick Kirschner, this book is actually a good one to have in your home reference library. Although I usually share my books with others once I’ve read them, there are a few which stay in my home for later use and this will be one of them.

Published in 1994, this book is still very valid today. I would categorize this as a self help book, although in its true nature it is more meant to help one to understand the motivation behind, and the ways around communicating with the 10 most undesirable types of communicators and personalities. In my opinion, this book is ideal for anyone working in a corporate setting. Or anyone who finds themselves doing loads of teamwork or meetings. Although this book is actually penned in such a way as to assist anyone who has to communicate with anyone else who doesn’t happen to be one of their favourite people, it would be such a great help in the professional world. I have been in meetings listening to people scream to be heard and demean others (AKA: The TANK). This book covers the insecurities and thought processes behind these utterly charming personality attributes, and suggest some really effective ways on disarming them before it gets um…bad.

They have sorted the communicative personalities into 10 descriptive groups:

  1. The Tank (Rolls right over and has a storage closet of ammo at the ready)
  2. The Sniper (Shoots to kill)
  3. The Grenade (In serious need of anger management. Hair trigger temper)
  4. The Know-It-All (Knows a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing)
  5. The Think-They-Know_It_All (Even worse. Clueless but confident)
  6. The Yes Person (Over promises and under delivers)
  7. The Maybe Person  (Indecisive, waits until last minute to make choices, good at excuses, extremely frustrating)
  8. The No Person (Pessimistic much?)
  9. The Nothing Person (No feedback, no fight, no passion, no…anything – just crickets)
  10. The Whiner (ugh…)

As the book continues, these groups are further broken into motivational traits, such as wants to get it done, wants to get it right, wants to be appreciated, etc. These motivational sectors to each personality sheds some serious light on why each personality makes the decisions they make. For example, the ‘get it done’ trait may want the meeting held at the place of business so it can be done quickly. The ‘get it right’ trait may want the big meeting held off location so that everyone can focus entirely on the task at hand. While the ‘get appreciated’ trait may want the meeting held at a resort so that people can enjoy themselves afterward and thus they can gain appreciation. It’s all very logical, just not something anyone takes the time to consider.

A majority of this book devotes itself to communication and body language tactics that can be utilized in order to make the other party feel more at ease and less likely to go full on annoying personality on you when you need them present.

The ending, and honestly one of the best parts of the book is the section which makes you reflect on your own personality, motivational and communicative styles.

I enjoyed this, even though it took some time and thought to get through. I hope you will too if you ever find it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the review of May’s book for my Recycled book reading challenge. I truly hope that we can expand our already growing group of awesome bloggers who have been flexible enough to join in the challenge. Lets get to reading those old books!

Please feel free to join, share or reblog.