Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand

Written by Dr. Rick Brinkmann and Dr. Rick Kirschner, this book is actually a good one to have in your home reference library. Although I usually share my books with others once I’ve read them, there are a few which stay in my home for later use and this will be one of them.

Published in 1994, this book is still very valid today. I would categorize this as a self help book, although in its true nature it is more meant to help one to understand the motivation behind, and the ways around communicating with the 10 most undesirable types of communicators and personalities. In my opinion, this book is ideal for anyone working in a corporate setting. Or anyone who finds themselves doing loads of teamwork or meetings. Although this book is actually penned in such a way as to assist anyone who has to communicate with anyone else who doesn’t happen to be one of their favourite people, it would be such a great help in the professional world. I have been in meetings listening to people scream to be heardย and demean others (AKA: The TANK). This book covers the insecurities and thought processes behind these utterly charming personality attributes, and suggest some really effective ways on disarming them before it gets um…bad.

They have sorted the communicative personalities into 10 descriptive groups:

  1. The Tank (Rolls right over and has a storage closet of ammo at the ready)
  2. The Sniper (Shoots to kill)
  3. The Grenade (In serious need of anger management. Hair trigger temper)
  4. The Know-It-All (Knows a little bitย of everything and a whole lot of nothing)
  5. The Think-They-Know_It_All (Even worse. Clueless but confident)
  6. The Yes Person (Over promises and under delivers)
  7. The Maybe Person ย (Indecisive, waits until last minute to make choices, good at excuses, extremely frustrating)
  8. The No Person (Pessimistic much?)
  9. The Nothing Person (No feedback, no fight, no passion, no…anything – just crickets)
  10. The Whiner (ugh…)

As the book continues, these groups are further broken into motivational traits, such as wants to get it done, wants to get it right, wants to be appreciated, etc. These motivational sectors to each personality sheds some serious light on why each personality makes the decisions they make. For example, the ‘get it done’ trait may want the meeting held at the place of business so it can be done quickly. The ‘get it right’ trait may want the big meeting held off location so that everyone can focus entirely on the task at hand. While the ‘get appreciated’ trait may want the meeting held at a resort so that people can enjoy themselves afterward and thus they can gain appreciation. It’s all very logical, just not something anyone takes the time to consider.

A majority of this book devotes itself to communication and body language tactics that can be utilized in order to make the other party feel more at ease and less likely to go full on annoying personality on you when you need them present.

The ending, and honestly one of the best parts of the book is the section which makes you reflect on your own personality, motivational and communicative styles.

I enjoyed this, even though it took some time and thought to get through. I hope you will too if you ever find it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the review of May’s book for my Recycled book reading challenge. I truly hope that we can expand our already growing group of awesome bloggers who have been flexible enough to join in the challenge. Lets get to reading those old books!

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12 thoughts on “Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand”

  1. Very interesting…the names of the different types of how people come across when they are talking with others. I’m sure we’ve all come to know at least one of each! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We all definitely know at least one. Sometimes, I couldn’t help giggling because I could envision that type of communicator I know, and…well then it just goes comic ๐Ÿ˜‰


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