Winter slim-down diet week 33

This week, I have accomplished absolutely nothing. 😦 Good news: No weight gain, no binges…I’m still at 61 something kgs. Bad news: No weightloss either. Not too big a surprise, since I’ve basically just been in bed.

I was doing well until the weekend hit, although I was dragging a bit for more than a week now. And then it hit…the flu, or so I thought. I haven’t been able to do just anything as far as normal day-to-day goes. After about a week of feeling totally defeated, I went to the doctor today and found out I have a raging case of sinusitis.

David, from Chape Personal Trainer who has been coaching me (something Awesome!) and helping me to stay on track, told me with quite loud voice, to take a rest from the workouts until I can breathe and eat properly again.

Fortunately, I now have a stock of antibiotics and cough medicine so I should be feeling much better in a few days, I expect. We are so so so soon close to my under 60 kg goal and I’m not doing anything to compromise it – even IF convenience food is the tempting option.


We got this 😉 I’ll be gradually re-introducing exercise starting with this dumbbell shrug.

I’m looking forward to an update post next week in the 60,? Kgs!

Don’t give up!


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13 thoughts on “Winter slim-down diet week 33”

  1. I love when you say “loud voice”, I just love it!!
    Ice-cream and pizza at 59 like bodybuilders after competition 😀 THAT is an indulgence meal, haha
    Get well soon!!!
    Tons of hugs, David

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    1. Hahahaha… It’s the best way I can describe it ;P – Deal – Ice cream and pizza at 59…WOOOHHOOOOO!!! I’ll be making my mental menu out now 😀 Thanks for the well wishes – hugs back!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes! You’re right, it is terribly boring. I think I’ve snoozed most of this week away… Starting to feel better now and can’t wait to be my lively self again either!

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