Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff

My June read for the Recycled Book Reading Challenge is ‘Bad Monkeys’ by Matt Ruff. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! So much so, that I am unable to pass it on. I have to keep it in my personal library to re-read at another time.

The book is set in a Las Vegas mental ward where the star of our story, Jane Charlotte is being interviewed by Dr. Vale. Jane contends that she works for a secret organization, and her department is called ‘Bad Monkeys’ for short. Her role as an employee of Bad Monkeys  is to put down people who are evil. Not bad people, but evil….completely unredeemable people. According to Jane’s story, she has landed herself there because of an unauthorized kill.

Throughout the story, I found myself trying to decide if Jane was absolutely mad, bad, sane, or a thorough mix of all of the aforementioned.

It’s not often that you find yourself siding with the ‘bad guy’ or possibly ‘good guy’ – perhaps the ‘good guy with a good motive to be bad’ in a book. This book contains multiple plot twists, a bit of humor and a lot of psychology.

I do suggest this book. It’s a lot of fun and the at least half of it moves at a fast pace so your mind is always stimulated.

If you are interested in purchasing this or other Matt Ruff books, you can click here for his amazon page.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join in the challenge!


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