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WWWOOOOHHHOOO!!! Winter Slim down goal achieved!!

After a very long battle with my weight…I’VE DONE IT!!


This has really been some sort of journey! I started out at 76 kgs (168 lbs) and more than 2 yore than a year later, I’m now at 59,9 kgs (132 lbs)! I picked up on my attempt at shedding those last stubborn 20 lbs of weight while blogging. Those were absolutely the most impossible and stubborn to shed! But today, I’m here to celebrate meeting weightless goal! I’ve tried and failed, tried and succeeded with so many different things and I’d like to go over some of those now.

To recap some of the alternatives I tried:

  • No sugar
    • This actually helped a lot but I was astonished to discover that everything we eat has tons of sugar in it! I mean seriously! Take a look at your ketchup bottle. Now divide the grams by 4 and thats how many tablespoons of sugar are in 1 serving of ketchup! If you can curb the sugar, its a great feeling. You know your body is starting to get over it when you feel like someone has hit you head with a sledgehammer.
  • No booze
    • This was a no-brainer. Booze has tons of hidden calories in it, and I always get the munchies when I indulge. So, I limited my intake to 1 or 2 glasses of wine or a small cognac on only special occasions.
  • Dramatically limiting my calorie intake
    • Great in theory, horrendous in practice. No doubt. I was hungry all the time, and completely lost my senses – resulting in The Nacho Incident. If you scroll down to the bottom of the linked post, you’ll see a list of low calorie foods and their serving sizes in 100 Kcal increments.
  • Strict exercise regime
    • When I finally realized that I desperately needed some outside help, and someone that I trust to hold me accountable for my own failure or success, I was fortunate enough to get David from Chape Personal TrainerChape Personal Trainer to work me into shape! David has been awesome! He takes the time to explain things to me that defy logic, listen to me whine about my bad diet days, patiently listens to me bitch about muscle soreness, and has supported me with friendship, consistently updating new workouts for those  soft cushy spots on my body that are driving me mad and always adjusting whatever need be to make sure that I had a positive and successful experience with him as a personal trainer. Thank you, David! You pushed me to meet my weightless goal and I DID IT!!
  • A not so strict, gradually increased exercise of convenience regime
    • This was at the beginning and I…sucked at it. I’ve discovered in this process that I have zero will power if I allow myself even a millimeter of lee-way.
  • Diet soups and green teas
    • Green tea helps a lot, but really only by getting rid of water weight. Green tea is super healthy though, so I say go for it! The diet soups worked well…for awhile. But then I was just – HUNGRY! The lack of vital nutrients made me feel really run down and basically worthless. The hunger turned me into a monster.
  • Vegan and vegetarian
    • This, I highly suggest – if you make sure to have enough protein. Always have a backup though because when Chape suggested I lose the tofu, tempeh and cheese for a week – I lost my mind.
  • Only eating fresh fruit and veg
    • This, I loved! It was a bit more time consuming to cook and clean, but I felt really great, higher energy and less hunger!
  • Consulting Chape Personal Trainer
    • BEST MOVE I MADE!  I seriously could not have done this without David’s help! Super simple – All I had to do was consult daily. I kept a daily/hourly food and drink journal, David posted workout regimes, times, weigh in days, measurement days and scales for me and then would adjust the workouts to fit my needs as he saw fit. This took all the stress out of trying to figure out what was best. I just trusted him, and on occasion listened to him tell me things in a quite loud voice, and IT WORKED!
  • No fizzy drinks
    • This was easy, and I suggest it as a first move to anyone who’s trying to shed some weight. Fizzy drinks have TONS of sugar and other bad stuff for you and cutting back on just one a day can make a massive difference! I went to mineral water, hot teas, black coffee and the occasional juice. Also, shocker: cutting back on fizzy drinks actually reduces your thirst. Fizzy drinks dehydrate you – making you thirsty.
  • Eating my carbs in the morning
    • This was actually a great suggestion by a fellow blogger at Olivier fiction. And it actually worked out pretty well! At least when you eat your carbs in the morning, you have time to burn them off throughout the day and you don’t crave it so badly. Not exactly sure how it works body-wise, but it helped ease the pain of the carb and sauce cut down.
  • Cutting carbs completely
    • Oh Atkins, how you mutilate my mainly vegetarian diet! This just wasn’t for me. Granted, broccoli has tons of protein. Buuuttt, do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be a herbivore on a carnivores diet and still manage to find something yummy to eat? No fun…no fun at all.
  • Going yeast free for 1 week
    • This was actually something I did not share on the blog. I wanted to see if I could actually even pull it off. I did! Surprisingly, yeast is in lots of baked foods which one would not expect. After what I thought was a sly move on my part when I bought a weeks worth of tortilla wraps as a substitute, my fiancé took one look at me and said ‘you know thats made with yeast, don’t you?’. I didn’t believe him. I was wrong. Gggrrr…I hate being wrong. The yeast free week was a long one – especially when I got to watch everyone else enjoying my wraps. But you know what? At the end of the week, my belly looked pretty flat! I never realized how much yeast containing products contribute to belly bloat! So, if you’re working on that beach bod, I’d give this a shot!
  • Reducing portion sizes
    • This was quite easy. Stopping myself from getting seconds was the hard part.
  • Eating earlier in the day
    • Great in theory, virtually impossible when you are eating in a household setting and with others who actually have schedules to contend with.
  • Guzzling matcha and cutting back on the sauces
    • Matcha, I love you. Sauce, I love you too. Putting a few drops of salad or hot sauce on my food just didn’t cut it. Sorry.
  • Drinking more water
    • I’ve been told to do this on countless occasions. But I just don’t like it. I try, but I float. I’m a chic. I’m already running to the Loo every chance I get. Add a preliminary water consumption minimum and I might as well set up shop there. Tried, and failed. However Im drinking more than I was – so maybe not totally failed.
  • Eating more
    • When David suggested this, Thought he had lost his mind for sure. After he explained it to me, I thought – great, I’m going to go on an eat more diet and turn into a blueberry. But, I tried it. And you know what? IT WORKED! How the hell???
  • Drinking Yerba Mate before meals 
    • This is actually something a girlfriend of mine from Argentina suggested when I very first trying to shed the weight, weighing in at 76 kg or 168 lbs. I was desperate to lose some of the flab before I turned into a ball. She suggested drinking a full glass of heavily steeped yerba mate before every meal so as to reduce my appetite. It worked! I will never again have a home without this stuff in it.
  • Fasting
    • Intermittent fasting wasn’t actually bad at all and I managed t0 pull it off for like 2 weeks. However, eventually my body began to expect food at 4 and to not be hungry after 7, but the weight loss stopped. When I stopped fasting, I re-gained the weight.

Moments when I went totally off the rails:

  • Christmas and New Years
    • I decided I would allow myself some holiday indulgence. What a terrible idea this was…I actually gained back all the weight I’d lost (while trying to shed this last bit) + 2kgs/5lbs! Nothing like starting all over again 🙁
  • The Nacho incident
    • I don’t even know what happened on this day. It’s like I was being a nice normal chic in the supermarket and then…insanity struck. I kid you not when I say that I barely even remember grabbing all requirements for an amazing set (or 2 – YES, 2!) of nachos! Including a solid weeks worth of my calorie intake. Boy did I ever regret that move!

Some of the exercises that worked really well for me:

  • I used forearm planks and flute bridges as warm ups and to tone my core:
    • Forearm plank – I find myself doing extra of these randomly and mixing with ->
    • Glute bridge – Doing flute bridges feels like a bit of a break after planks. Mixing these is awesome and its really simple to just jump off the sofa and do a set!
    • Bird Dog
    • Dumbbell Shrug – I love this one! Simple and really effective 🙂
    • Reverse fly – Great for arms, shoulders and back. You get used to it, but at first = Ow ow ow! However, it’s a REALLY important exercise so I suggest you try it if you are doing any for of weights.

Some of the exercises that were difficult:

  • This reverse crunch is a great exercise, but hard, hard, hard!!
  • This Alternating Shoulder Tap Plank made me feel like I was going to land on my face. But its super effective, and to tell you the truth, I was incredibly proud of myself when I finally nailed it!

In addition to all the exercises I received from Chape (there are many), I also go on several dog walks daily, which aids in burning some calories. I have been intermittently trying to conquer the kettle bell swing. I look like Mr Magoo trying to do it, but I will nail it down eventually.

Although I have met my weight loss goal – YYYYEEEESSSS!!! – I do plan to continue eating well and utilizing these exercises. I would like to at least maintain my weight and would be very happy to take up more! Besides, I want to look fantastic in that bikini and I have a wedding dress to fit into! I will, of course keep you updated on my progress and pitfalls.

I am SSSSOOOOOO HAPPY! I was seriously starting to doubt that this milestone day would ever come! Just consider me living proof that a woman metabolism does not come to a screeching halt in her 30’s 😉 Thank you all so much for following me and my journey, for all the support and ideas, suggestions, encouragement and motivation! Thank you David, for all the time, effort and energy you put into getting me into good shape! And a special Thank you to my fiancé for putting up with my whining about sore muscles, midnight rampages about being hungry and not having suitable food, and for laughing at me when I’m acting like a total psycho.  We did it!!! 🙂

Thanks for reading!



  1. What a journey 🙂 Congrats!! And thank you for let me be a part of it!!
    Your dedication and commitment are enviable, and your sense of humor is priceless. I had a lot of fun working with you. Now you´ve found some things that work for you, I´m sure you will manage your weight safely! It´s time to enjoy the beach and plan your great wedding 😀 I´m delighted with the news, I wish you both a great life full of love, health and joy!
    Big HUGS!!!!

  2. Great news! Congrats to you 🙂 . I’ve been feeling kinda bloated of recent; like i’ve put on some weight and I desperately want to lose it, especially on my arms. Not like I’m a “fat” girl, but i’m close to the threshold. Chape, how do we do this? I urgently need your help. Thumbs up to you again Mliae!

    • Thank you 🙂 🙂 I am very familiar with the skinny fat feeling…sooo frustrating to be on that threshold! Best wishes for those arms 😉

  3. Great news! Congrats! :). I’ve been feeling really bloated of late; like i’ve put on some weight and I desperately need to lose it, especially on my arms. Not like i’m a “fat” girl, but i’m close to the threshold. Chape, please what can we do about this? I urgently need your help. Thumbs up again Mliae!

  4. Awesome, woohoo! And in time for the height of summer! Thanks so much for the what worked/what didn’t, it’s really informative. It’s winter over here and I’m addicted to bread, but I’ll need to start doing something soon…so super helpful post! Will check back for tips 😀

  5. Congrats on your weight loss! It is inspiring to read! I am sticking with weight watchers, using my phone app to count points is easy for me and provides structure. Needing to lose 30 pounds, I’ve lost 23 so far in 6 months. Just one question? What is Yerba mate?

    • Hey, GREAT JOB! CONGRATULATIONS!! Yerba mate is a tea thats used quite often in Argentina. It’s almost wood-y as opposed to tea leaves and you can drink it while steeping for a long time. In my case, I drank a cup about 30 mins before eating and it helped to curb my voracious appetite.

  6. I was 168 and now I weigh 120. It took about a year to lose the weight. I just decided not to eat so much. Now food is just food, it does not excite me. I just eat to stay alive. I don’t want to gain the weight back, so I weigh everyday and if I gain a pound, I just eat less.

    • Wow! Well, thank you! 😀 I am so happy to be considered motivating 😉 Intermittent fasting really brings on results quickly. But it is challenging!

      • I’ve actually tried it once before –yes, its quite challenging. I’m okay not eating in the evenings but I’ve convinced myself that I HAVE to eat in the mornings. I tried a simple 8 hour eat window with 16 ours not eating. Maybe I should start with more like a 12:12?
        What do you actually do?

      • Yaaaasssss…you must eat in the mornings!
        Truthfully, I tried an 18/6 hour ratio. It was miserable but worked fast. Then I realized that my body adapts VERY QUICKLY and my fasting was basically the same as a day full of eating (as far as weightloss was concerned). So I would say go 12/12 as long as you can. And once your body gets to the point where it doesn’t make much difference anymore, go 13/11. But don’t in any case go less than 8 hours of eating time because when you have a normal day, your body will hoard all of the flubby stuff. This weekend I am off all rules (giving my body the ‘shock treatment’ & my taste buds a few happy days). But when I’m fasting, I’m at a 9 hour window where I can east just as much as I want. However, no bread, no pasta, no chocolate filled croissants 🙁

      • Thanks for the tips!! So 12/12 it is! — I have dinner plans with my girls this evening so I’ll start tomorrow morning. I’ll stick to the 12/12 for the duration of the fitness challenge I’m running right now. It ends on Valentine’s day so that gives me about 25 days.
        Again, thank you for the tips and I’ll try and keep you posted.
        (no bread will be the biggest challenge for me– I’m a “bread-a-holic”!!

      • Awesome! Please do keep us posted. I love to get updates!
        Bread is a difficult one. I was going through some kind of shakes & sweats. But if you can manage it like 3 days, you will suddenly feel like you don’t even need it anymore. And that, my friend, is a good feeling!

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