Our DIY Rural Engagement Party

I absolutely adore the outdoors…especially in the countryside! When my lovely fiancé informed me that he was planning an engagement party this summer, I got so excited!

True, like most couples, we made ourselves borderline insane trying to plan the perfect party. True, we argued about furniture placement and menu ideas. True, we both have champagne taste and a zero budget. True, we love each other and finally decided the best part of all of it was putting it together and enjoying the journey…not just the destination.

So, with all this in mind and an ever-growing guest list, we opted for the simple, self-hosted, beauty of the countryside outdoors. I mean, people run to the countryside for holiday…right? Why not make use of what we’ve got?

We have several picnic style tables and this gorgeous rustic tree table and bench, which we set up in the yard and also indoors. We made 3 ball jar bouquets of wildflowers. The only additions to the flowers I purchased, was 1 stem each of sunflowers and small lilies for each jar, plus a small woven metallic heart for a little extra – Umph. The wildflowers were picked from the yard the morning of and included; daisies, purple clover, some little white flowers I have no idea what they are, purple and white lupines, and bunches of red burning love.

For the food, we put out plates of mini doughnuts, white chocolate & cranberry cookies, Sandwich cake with roast beef florets, fruit filled truffles, fruit and cheese assortment, rice pies, cream filled pastry, stuffed olives / cocktail pickles and cheese assortment, coffee, juice & soda for the kids and champagne for toasting. Not surprisingly, there were basically no leftovers.

The party lasted about 6 hours if you factor in the early comers who helped setup, and the late stayers who helped clean up. It was fantastic and we didn’t slow down a bit throughout the whole thing! The weather was calling for rain the entire day and we were very fortunate that not only did it NOT rain, but the sun was shining beautifully and there was just enough breeze for everyone to hang out outside and have some fun 🙂

I must admit that I am more of a formal girl when it comes to parties and important engagements. Had I been left to my own devices, I would have surely planned a sit-down catered champagne and dancing dinner. However, it would have been a huge mistake! Being able to show people around, laugh, play with the dogs, play football in the yard, take my time straightening up afterwards, have access to a functioning kitchen, and be able to help serve my guests (even if only by making pot after pot of coffee) – which really made me feel like a good hostess, and watching people mingle and play freely (which they wouldn’t have been able to do given my ulterior ultra formal controlled setting) – I realized that having a fun beautiful happy day was more important than keeping appearances. And it turned out FABULOUSLY!

Please share any of your party or wedding ideas!

Thanks for reading 🙂




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