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Google is my frenemy

It’s only been a few weeks since the engagement and I’m already experiencing a range of emotions…Happy beyond belief, absolute infatuation with my fiancé, bouts of panic, daydreaming about an assortment of wedding scenarios, a dash of frustration and downright hilarity. What do I do when these emotions hit? Well, the same thing as the rest of us. I google, of course!

Ah, google… I can see all the most perfect wedding pictures, the most expensive dresses, the biggest horror stories (which for some reason, I find hilarious), gorgeous ideas for a rustic wedding, jokes and a ton of  -um – bridezilla stories (don’t want to be one of those…no, no, no!).

All of these wonderful and scary things, though entertaining, can be a bit overwhelming. So my lovely finance (who actually wants to be involved in wedding planning…YYYEEEAA!!) and I decided to sans the google searches for a little while, create a list of ideas which we come up with then look for creative and affordable ways to make it work.

Any suggestions?



    • That is a great idea! We’ve been trying to figure out how to do this on the tightest of budgets and DIY decor seems to be the way to go 🙂

  1. Haha! That’s a lovely phase! With all the emotions flowing like gentle waves. Internet can be a messed up arena sometimes, I would rely on my good happily married friends to talk about preparations, else it’s always cool to get creative with your fiancée and come up with innovative things 🙂

    • A very valid point, as always. If it were entirely up to us, this would be as low key as possible. However, the wedding industry has everyone convinced that there must be dangly lights, flowers everywhere, expanses of cloth…. What ever happened to a great party following a life changing event?!

  2. First of all congratulations.. and you need to chill it’s natural to feel the way you feel.. also rather than going ping pong over it just give way with your instincts.. wheneve you flip, jus take deep breath and you will find the answers inside you. Have your supportive and loving friends be there throughout the ceremony.. like minds ease the course.

    • Thank you. I do need to chill. Its difficult when we’re both so excited, but we know that we’re leading way for a runaway train with this. *inhales deeply

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