Wedding Dress Shopping!


This is me. Trying on the first wedding dress that I really liked. It’s still in the running 😉


It was a quite surreal experience, I must admit. I never really pictured myself as a BRIDE. I’m not the woman who has dreamed and planned my dream wedding since I was a little girl. Nor am I the ‘princess’ type. I’m more of an understated, classic, simple – type.

Now, as anybody who’s ever planned a wedding, ever, knows: Advice will come out of the woodwork! I’ve heard about all the dresses that I MUST try, dresses I must avoid, dresses that I will regret when I look at my pictures, and dresses that don’t logically equate to the cost/quality equation. And you know what I said? No way! I’ll go insane if I try to take all this advice to heart! So, I made an executive decision to try on at least one dress in every category – keep an open mind – I never know what might look Ah-maz-ing on me! So thats exactly what Im doing. And surprisingly, this eye that is normally drawn to simple, sleek, old hollywood glamour silhouettes, is seeing that other forms can actually be more flattering. For example, the above picture.

BTW- Thanks Chape for helping me get my body back into ‘dress shape’!

On this shopping trip, I didn’t find my dress-love…yet. But I’ll be keeping at it and posting as I go!

What do you think?



Fresh from the garden :)

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer!

I was so excited about this, I just had to share! Yours truly, has a very nasty track record of killing off almost every plant she comes in contact with. So you can imagine my fear and frustration when I spent a ton of money I didn’t have on bulbs and roots for pretty plants and flowers I feared I would ultimately murder.

But look-y what happened! I planted tons of lily and gladiolus bulbs (being consoled by friends and family the entire time that they would not sprout until next year) and 3 peace rose ‘bushes’ (nope, not bushes…really tiny sticks with a root-y part). I only managed to ‘over-love’ one of the rose bushes that just didn’t make it. But two of them did, as did some of the lilies!

So here is a photo of my first Massive peace rose from my baby stick and a beautiful lily next to it. No, the lily isn’t miniature, the rose is HUGE. YYYYEEEAAA! Who’s your gardening lady now?!

How’s your garden growing?


Guess who’s still losing weight!

That would be….um…ME! WOOOHHOOO!!! I was so happy when I woke up, stepped on the scale and saw this number! I definitely had a special coffee to celebrate my new weight of 58,3 kgs or 128.5 lbs. Yeah Baby!

I haven’t been as militant about losing the weight as I was when I was fighting so hard to reach my goal of 60 kgs. But I have been utilizing healthier eating habits, and sticking to the teas and water, and maintaining some of the exercises and habits given to me by David at Chape when I was on the home stretch to my goal. So imagine my delight when I’m not even really trying to lose weight and I got this little surprise victory! 😀

I have to tell you though, it’s perfect timing – as I’m going soon to try on some wedding dresses! Feeling more confident will help me in every way, and this was -just an AWESOME start to the day!

Thanks for reading!


Let the wedding planning commence!


We have been throwing around A LOT of ideas. And thanks to pinterest and my frenemy: google, we also have a lot of other peoples ideas to play with. We are SO excited!

The problem here? Champagne taste and a beer budget. Luckily, my fiancé wants to be involved in the planning process, so I know that whatever we do, it will be a reflection of the two of us. Lucky me again, he loves me enough to not fight over the little details. He knows that if theres something I desire enough to actually admit to it, that its something I really want and he tries to find a way to make it happen. <3

But now here we are. Standing at the abyss of wedding planning. Small or big? We both prefer to have only those closest to us on our special day. So, small it is.

Outdoors or indoors? Me? I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of an outdoor wedding and reception. He would be fine anywhere I’m just happy. (But I think he prefers outdoors too.) So, outdoors it is. Next step? A back-up plan for in climate weather. This is where I’m stuck. With tent rentals running at an average  of 500 for a small gathering, and then top that off with the cost of decorating yet another area, I can see my credit limit at max with just one small decision.

Where? Well, that gets a bit tricky. As wherever we are, only one of us will have our people there. For the most part.

Food? Cake? Decor? Trying, trying, trying…

Any helpful advice?



Recycled Book Reading Challenge: The Heist by Janet Ivanovich & Lee Goldberg

My July’s recycled book reading challenge book is The Heist by Janet Ivanovich and Lee Goldberg. I really loved this book!

This is the first book of a new series by these authors . I am an Ivanovich fan, so I was happy to see that it is penned with her usual humor.

It begins with Nick Fox, a famous, rich, cunning and unbelievable ingenious thief who has been outrunning Kate O´Hare, an FBI agent, for 7 years! This book involves numerous clever, and quite hilarious capers. Eventually these two find themselves working together. Nick Fox puts things together to bring the main heist together.

The joviality is brought together through an unusual cast of character with a unique set of skills and personalities. It is ingenious and cleverly written, and the action never slows down!

I would highly recommend this book if you are a fan of lightly, humorously written adventure like I am! If you are interested in finding out more about this book or purchasing it, click here to go to Janet Ivanovich’s website.

If you would like to join this awesomely fun challenge, you can see the original guidelines by clicking here. We’ve got some really great bloggers on this challenge, and I hope more will join!

Thanks for reading!