Let the wedding planning commence!

We have been throwing around A LOT of ideas. And thanks to pinterest and my frenemy: google, we also have a lot of other peoples ideas to play with. We are SO excited!

The problem here? Champagne taste and a beer budget. Luckily, my fiancé wants to be involved in the planning process, so I know that whatever we do, it will be a reflection of the two of us. Lucky me again, he loves me enough to not fight over the little details. He knows that if theres something I desire enough to actually admit to it, that its something I really want and he tries to find a way to make it happen. ❤

But now here we are. Standing at the abyss of wedding planning. Small or big? We both prefer to have only those closest to us on our special day. So, small it is.

Outdoors or indoors? Me? I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of an outdoor wedding and reception. He would be fine anywhere I’m just happy. (But I think he prefers outdoors too.) So, outdoors it is. Next step? A back-up plan for in climate weather. This is where I’m stuck. With tent rentals running at an average  of 500 for a small gathering, and then top that off with the cost of decorating yet another area, I can see my credit limit at max with just one small decision.

Where? Well, that gets a bit tricky. As wherever we are, only one of us will have our people there. For the most part.

Food? Cake? Decor? Trying, trying, trying…

Any helpful advice?



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29 thoughts on “Let the wedding planning commence!”

  1. Best wishes for your big day. A vintage theme is very popular right now. How about wild flowers in simple clear class jam jars on tables and simple posies of the same for your flowers? A wedding I went to had the brides bouquet made from vintage brooches collected from friends and family. They also had an ice cream cart with lots of
    toppings for desert! YUM!

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  2. My biggest advice is enjoy it , don’t fight over it (it will happen) dont stress ! It all goes so fast! 🙂 my wedding was back in february and i still remember every single detailed of planning it!! 🙂 It brings a sauer sweet memory 😂 i almost killed my husband (fiance at the time) … many times … over and over a gain 😂

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    1. I hear you! He’s being very patient with me 🙂 Thank you for the advice, I will try to keep it in mind when I’m having a day of binge searching wedding porn. No stress, no stress, no stress….

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  3. I’m so excited for you! My favourite wedding was my brothers, which was tiny. It was held out-of-season at a small boutique hotel near the mountains. And because he booked all the rooms for us, and got everyone from the small town, he got a really good package deal so they even managed a great honeymoon. The ceremony was small and simple held outdoors, and the feast was long and lavish and held indoors. The hotel’s event organiser handled most things, and everyone was totally relaxed. May your wedding day be as blessed 😀

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  4. My main advice to wedding planners is *always* simple: keep choosing what suits *you* and not *anyone* else, and remember all through the process that the point is to celebrate and confirm your joy as a partnership and part of a community within which you thrive. So if anyone helping to foot the bill tries to run the show, it’s time to rethink whether having their money involved is worth risking the relationship with them by insisting on what you’re comfortable doing or not doing; if your dreams are proving too expensive for comfort, rethink what you really want to remember about the day: your love and commitment, or financial stress for show. And if anything starts making you feel like the planning is even slightly less than fun or the Big Day is going to be ruined should one tiny element go awry (because tons will. It’s a law of nature), be prepared to pull the plug on the whole operation and have a cheap, quick, quiet, peaceful Plan B ready to hand.

    We knew that if we didn’t have fun from the start of our plotting process to the end of the actual wedding day, we were absolutely willing to elope and come home after to tell our loved ones that it was time for an impromptu party. In the end, we had a grand, elaborate wedding that was supported and enhanced by everyone around us, and it was a blast. But the elopement + after-partying would’ve been, too, had we opted for it. Because getting the prize of confirming our life together was, and is, the whole point. May you have as much joy, too! We just celebrated our 20th and still feel like newlyweds.

    If you want some specific ideas, you can read about our nuptials on my blog:



    Happy planning!

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    1. Kathryn, thank you so much! Sorry it took a bit to reply, but your comment was right on and we soooo needed to hear it! (I even showed it to my fiancé). We are both the ‘keep it simple and fun’ type. We don’t need a lot of glitz – it IS after all, only one day of the rest of our lives. But we do want memories, and to spend a good amount of fun time with the people closest to us. And yes, we are having some ‘opinion conflicts’ with people who want to help us. And we are trying not to let our wedding get totally out of hand without seeming like ungrateful brats. I welcome any suggestions on how to do this.

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      1. I’m no relationship expert, coming from a family that actually loves, respects, and supports each other, differences and all. But I do live in the real world, and even the loving friends and relatives who fit my loving description can disagree deeply about some things. I guess I apply the same rules to my everyday life and connexions that I did to the wedding-specific ones: I avoid—or even carefully shut down—one-way “relationships” (a total contradiction in terms, after all!) or high maintenance, high stress ones; they give me no return on my investment of caring, and deplete my energies for giving it elsewhere. I will *always* choose to spend time and interact with people who are willing to let me be *me*, and once they’ve expressed their opinions as diplomatically as I’m trying to express mine, let me decide as I wish.

        We’re none of us perfect, and when we’re trying to do anything as important as starting this crucial new phase of life, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in minutiae that we lose our diplomatic skills temporarily—but you’ll know whether you’re dealing with a momentary breakdown of communications or the installation of a full-on brick wall. Grant yourself and your fiancé the grace of standing up for yourselves, tactfully but absolutely firmly, as a couple. Doing it now, even if it stings a time or two, will set you up healthily for the times when, in the less glamorous moments of real-life relationships as you grow and change and your world does too, you really need that skill. Odd that we would ever have to demand peace in our autonomy, but so worth it.


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  5. Outdoors…you could find some land with a barn? Decorations you could get cheap at Oriental Trading Company-there is a section for weddings. Why not have a pot luck? Have everyone pitch in?


  6. I love your blog! Congratulations…when’s the big day? I’ve loved reading everyones kind words and advice. I’ve recently started a blog and chose to base it on my wedding. I’d love any advice and tips..please do take at look @confettiheelsblog I’m planning a nature and bird themed wedding with lots of colour! xx


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