Wedding Dress Shopping!

This is me. Trying on the first wedding dress that I really liked. It’s still in the running 😉


It was a quite surreal experience, I must admit. I never really pictured myself as a BRIDE. I’m not the woman who has dreamed and planned my dream wedding since I was a little girl. Nor am I the ‘princess’ type. I’m more of an understated, classic, simple – type.

Now, as anybody who’s ever planned a wedding, ever, knows: Advice will come out of the woodwork! I’ve heard about all the dresses that I MUST try, dresses I must avoid, dresses that I will regret when I look at my pictures, and dresses that don’t logically equate to the cost/quality equation. And you know what I said? No way! I’ll go insane if I try to take all this advice to heart! So, I made an executive decision to try on at least one dress in every category – keep an open mind – I never know what might look Ah-maz-ing on me! So thats exactly what Im doing. And surprisingly, this eye that is normally drawn to simple, sleek, old hollywood glamour silhouettes, is seeing that other forms can actually be more flattering. For example, the above picture.

BTW- Thanks Chape for helping me get my body back into ‘dress shape’!

On this shopping trip, I didn’t find my dress-love…yet. But I’ll be keeping at it and posting as I go!

What do you think?


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56 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Shopping!”

    1. Thank you! Wow 🙂 Glad you like the advice. It happens all too often that I know exactly what I’m looking for and then it’s like – ‘meh’ when I actually get it on. So on this massive decision, I have to take myself out of my comfort zone. Some of the ones I’d usually never give a second thought to – accent my figure in a much more positive light! So out of the comfort zone it is! 😀

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  1. Advice: Don’t buy a black dress. Don’t buy a see-through dress (it takes all the fun out of searching for the garter). Don’t buy a micro-mini (ditto on the garter search) . Don’t buy one that could result in a “wardrobe malfunction.”
    Seriously, the dress is lovely and whatever dress you ultimately choose will be perfect because it’s the one you love most.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I don’t think you have to worry about black, sheer or micro mini with me 😉 I would blind all of my guests. I can hear it now…’my eyes! my EEEYYYYYEEESS!’

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  2. Trying on a dress of every category is great advice!! Thats what I did, and i was really surprised that some of the categories looked amazing… And some awful. Lol in the end, it all worked out great!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 And…EXACTLY! The ones I would’ve never even thought about are really figure flattering (& surprisingly, it doesn’t look that I’m dressing too young for my age) and the dresses that I really thought I loved, looked – well, not so great.

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  3. This is gorgeous. You should see the dress I got married in in 1970. I made it myself. It was white crepe with sheer sleeves. It cost $22. The whole wedding cost $37.50. It was all I had. By the way, the dress was beautiful.

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      1. I had $37.50. My dad bought the cake, $12.50. I bought clearance fabric and lace for wedding and going away dresses and it out of a clearance fabric and used same patter for both dresses. Patterns were $1.99 at time. I am an accomplished seamstress, so I could have made a burlap bag look good. Married at home and had cake, punch, coffee, peanuts and mints at home reception. Bouquet was silk flowers at $3.99. That was all the money I had. My parents felt like the cake was enough for them to buy. Mother did buy film and pay for processing of roll of pictures, but didn’t share with me since she’d paid for them. She did offer me negatives, later. My parents weren’t the indulgent type and weren’t happy we were getting married in college. We had a year left and we’re paying our own way. They felt they had no responsibility after high school graduation. We were married 46 years last week.

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      2. I had been sewing everything I wore since I was twelve. Those were different times. I sewed for my sisters and Mother sometimes. We made all the girls clothes, and Mother couldn’t do it all.


  4. Ooooh! Who doesn’t love a wedding dress! I love it! I never had a proper wedding dress when I married, twice, but I love looking at them, even now, many years later. Good luck with your choice, you will know when you’ve found it!

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  5. As I am not married, and am on the backside of middle age (almost sliding past it now), I have never even thought about wedding dresses. I am not the ‘dress type’, and wear one once a year for a banquet I attend, and I have to start thinking about a new dress for the coming one, but . . . not yet. That dress does look fantastic on you.

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  6. That dress is beautiful! I remember when I was dress shopping for my wedding about 4 years ago. I wasn’t sure what kind of dress I wanted. I knew I wanted something simple, no bling, no poofy. Well, my mom wanted me to try on a dress that looked like a dress for a princess. It really was beautiful but it just wasn’t for me. I tried it on just so she could see it. She loved the one I ended up getting though. 🙂


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