Kapow! Meggings!


Kapow-meggings-bengal-ronny-reagan-actionWe have to talk about a new trend in menswear that’s actually pretty cool! In a world where menswear shops are full of the mild and conventional muted and neutral colors – with the same basic cuts (you know what I’m talking about) it is a breath of fresh air to see some variety for mens clothing with color on it! These are a conversation starter, for certain. I can say for certain that the peopleΒ will be coming up to you asking about your meggings!

Now, apparently the appearance of the bright and colorful made for men, meggings, has made quite the stir on social media. These seem to be a love it or hate it type of situation. Personally, I think these are REALLY COOL! Albeit, I can fully understand why this apparel seems to be quite controversial. Β At first consideration, I was a bit skeptical too. However, when I took the time to check out the patterns, colours and most importantly – the way they are actually made, I found that several things set these apart from the assumed gym pant. Although these would be PERFECT gym pants. But I think they would be good for other places and activities as well. KAPOW!

  • Patterns and colours. The array of patterns makes these suitable for more than the workout. Take the below photos for example (Taken from the Kapow site). These sets would even be suitable for the club or music festival.Kapow-24Carat-meggings-hero2Kapow-Mr-Bonejangles-meggings-sideMIlky-way-meggings-front-1


  • The fit. These are supposed to be incredibly comfortable. Like never want to take them off -kind of comfy. They stretch with your body and still leave things to the imagination (see next bullet point). The sizes range from a 28-38 inch (71.12 cm- 96.5 cm) waist and there is a lot of give on top of that. They are said to be very forgiving for different body shapes, as the material is adaptable to many forms. Also, for my guys who never skimp on leg day, these leggings stretch to fit your body comfortably. So if you have larger legs than the normal guy, these should still fit nicely. I know, I asked. They would be great for yoga, running, anything really that requires movement when you don’t want to let that shorts leg hang down or hike up too much! And I think these patterns would be groovy πŸ™‚


(Just a little note: These above are my faves. ‘Supernova’)

  • Make. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where it gets good. You remember that bicycle shorts craze where everyones …assets were on display? Well, if you look back through the photos I’ve posted, you will see that that is not the case here. These are tailor made with extra width around the waist, so everything just sort of blends in with the waistline. As a woman, I think this is fantastic! I don’t think any of us really like it when, um…when the family jewelsΒ are standing out from the crowd. Thank you to this company for making sure to say ‘buh-bye’ to unsightly bulge!
  • Price. Totally reasonable at 24.99GBP, 29.82€ or $33.24 (based on todays conversion rates)
  • International orders are welcome and I’ve got a great code for SHIPPING on orders of two or more pairs. Orders are made through the Kapow Meggings website. (I have linked it for you). Just make sure to input the code’ LEBFREESHIPPING ‘ so you can get your free shipping! (Seriously, free shipping is HUGE) This code is only valid through the end of October.

If you’re down for the social media hunt, you can find their Facebook page here, and their instagram here. I know, I’ve been stalking to make sure these really are as popular as they seem to be. They are πŸ˜‰


If you’re the kind of man who wears the clothes and doesn’t let your clothes wear you; confident, fun, happy…I say GO FOR IT!Β WORK IT! I know my fiancΓ© might have a colorful surprise for his birthday…

What do you think, would you wear these? Love it or hate it? Or do you have some? (I’d love to hear your thoughts!)


*disclaimer: I did not receive payment or product in exchange for my opinion. I did however, receive a limited time free shipping code to pass on to my subscribers πŸ™‚

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40 thoughts on “Kapow! Meggings!”

  1. Lol! I think they’re pretty cool but I showed them to my son and he pulled a horrified face…guess he won’t want a pair for Christmas then!

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    1. I empathize completely. Like I said, love it or hate it. No grey area it seems. You should see how hot the debate gets in social media. Thats why I just could not resist. πŸ˜‰

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    2. I guess it’s a matter of a new sight that it takes some time to get used to. If this comes out of the blue, it’s considered completely unmanly.

      It’s a pity that “being normal” is such a big driver for our own behaviour.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more πŸ™‚
        Update though…since the original conversation my son has embraced the fashion for skinny jeans, which to me, look pretty much like meggings πŸ™‚

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      2. Indeed they do, just a bit more colourful. I have one pair (actually two, same in two colours) from asos that are made from twill. They blur the line between skinny jeans and meggings even more. I don’t have photos with them on my blog yet, but hope to present them there as well in the near future.

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      3. Ooh, twill is a lovely fabric :)….you just KNOW I’m going to have to go and have a look at your blog now and anticipate the twill ones…

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  2. The other day we were at a water park. A woman was wearing leggings as pants and every time she bent over they stretched thin and exposed her naughty bits in all their thinly veiled glory to the world. I think the general issue is that they were originally designed to go under clothes not as a stand alone garment. I personally don’t care one way or another about them other than maybe use some judgement and common sense… speedo’s are unappealing for an obvious reason but were ‘cool’ at some point too.

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    1. There are leggings, and there are leggings. In the case that you describe I think the kind of leggings that were worn, were actually meant to be worn with something to cover your bits and pieces. But there are other leggings (and meggings) that are thicker and don’t go sheer when stretched.

      When wearing meggings myself, I usually wear long shirts with them, because I don’t want to show everything to the public, just the colourful legs πŸ™‚


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      1. Thank you so much for sharing about this πŸ™‚ It’s great to get first hand knowledge of a product from a genuine user. (I’m not a man, otherwise I would OWN these!)

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      2. In all honesty, so far I own Meggings from Kapow and Stitch, and there’s no difference at all to “ladies leggings” from the cut and fit point of view. Regarding the fabric, BlackMilk is my favorite!

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      3. Great choice! Leggings are awesome. I would wear them all the time if I could get away with it. Its only fair that men have the same option of comfort & fashion, and not just sweatpants.

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  3. Yes! They are groovy. I like the way the male models are wearing them with the pull overs. They don’t look too tight, and I suspect are super comfortable. The colors are vibrant, but not ugly, or unmanly looking. I’m glad to see that men can also get a bit more variety in their wardrobes. KAPOW!!!

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  4. Men’s fashion needs a huge kick up the back side and this is a great place to start. We have been made feel ashamed for our bodies and therefore the industry has doomed men to a life of shapeless, lifeless, colourless clothing. It has been a world where the conservatives have said, ” only women have bodies. So we will make them the focus and celebrate the breasts, bum and legs. Men don’t want to feel good about themselves.” Meggings help to change all of this. As it was often said my the caped crusader, a man who wore tights with pride.. “KAPOW!!”

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    1. Hah! KAPOW! What a great comment you’ve left πŸ™‚ You are correct, it is so discouraging to go into a mens store. One can close their eyes and quite accurately predict everything in the place. I think Men’s fashion needs a serious boost as well. Who wants to live in muted greys, navy, black, khaki, mustard and the occasional red or green shapeless item?


  5. I have got into my lovely new Kapow Nightrider Meggings. What a feeling! They cling to every inch of my body like a black, shiny, leathery second skin! I just love the way I feel and how I look in those super sexy meggings! Cannot wait until I have the opportunity to wear them in public!


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