Acid Attack Victim Models at NY Fashion Week

I read/watched this most heart wrenching & heartwarming story on It brought tears to my eyes and I feel that this young lady deserves every wonderful opportunity she gets!

One more shot please also has a youtube channel. Fell free to check it out 🙂


Meet Reshma Qureshi, a young 19-year-old who survived a harrowing experience that she will never forget.

In 2014, as Reshma was walked to school in the morning, as per routine, her brother-in-law and his friends grabbed Reshma and poured corrosive acid on her face, in an attempt to avenge a family dispute. The wounds were not limited to her facial skin. They were visceral.

Initially a vulnerable, depressed, and suicidal girl, Reshma was found by Ria Sharma, founder of the NGO “Make Love Not Scars.” Ria’s compassionate personality and genuine interest in impacting lives was enough to help Reshma discover a newfound perspective on the beauty of life. Now, Reshma is a confident young woman who strives to ensure this injustice is not done with anyone else. Last week, Reshma was told that she will be walking the ramp in New York’s Fashion Week. Her reaction was poignant and absolutely priceless.

Acid attacks are widespread in…

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    1. mliae says:

      Thank you. This story really touched my heart.

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      1. Yes, I was also very touched , great way to raise awareness 👍🏼

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      2. mliae says:

        Agreed 🙂

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