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Meet and Greet: 9/10/16

Lets do this! A weekend blog meet and greet 😀 Gotta love it! Please leave your blogs link, introduce yourself and share!


  1. I’ve never done this sort of thing before, but I’ll give it a go….
    For most of the year we live on a boat, sailing round the Greek Islands. My blog is a random assortment of posts about places I’ve visited in Greece, trips back to UK, and lots of photos linked to WordPress challenges. It’s worth a look….

  2. Hello I’m karlee, of The World Is Bigger Than Me. I want to inspire others to live a conscious lifestyle that is good for our earth. My passion for sustainability/eco-living came through my love for the outdoors. I share my outdoor adventures & sustainability tips + guides here!
    I would LOVE for you guys to check it out and give me any feedback 🌿

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