A word about centerpieces

Although we still haven’t fully decided if the reception will be outdoors or indoors, we still need to look at how to make our reception not look like a luncheon meeting, but a wedding.

Looking through all the ideas for glamming up a wedding reception, I’ve come to realize that its absolutely ridiculous what people are spending on these affairs! Who says we all have to have dozens of flower arrangements on the tables, garlands, candles, signs, table runners – all adding up to many hundreds even on the cheapest end?! I’ve now perused thousands of DIY ideas, but still, just cost of the items will end up being as much as the food.

I got stuck on Amazon looking at centerpieces, and take this for example. 20 crystal candelabras for the mere cost of $2,500.


Ok, I must admit – wedding fever is so bad that these are tempting…
I really don’t understand. I mean, its gorgeous, of course! How could not be when you’ve shelled out thousands for fresh blooms and crystals. But WHY is this considered such a necessity? Why do I feel like I have to keep up with this, in order not to be viewed as a pauper who can’t properly decorate her venue? WHY must I spend hours putting together something the day before my wedding (or day of) to lay out on tables, which inevitably, someone will have something to say about anyway.

I mean, honestly, even though it isn’t my usual formal glittering self, something like this is more my style of something fun, frugal and useful:
Floral Unique Kit with 50 Lollies


Is it OK to have some fun with this stuff? Make an edible arrangement? I have been searching high and low for something beautiful and fun which won’t leave our tables looking barren and might possibly leave our bank accounts in tact.

What do you think, can I break tradition and do something fun and weird plus maybe some affordable blooms instead of these grand monstrosities that will throw me into bankruptcy? Any ideas are more than welcome!


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40 thoughts on “A word about centerpieces”

  1. Its your wedding you can break all the traditions just make sure you are happy. I like the idea of your last flower idea…hmmn i’d love to be at one of your tables picking and throwing the candies in my mouth… Lol

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    1. Thanks! We are kind of in the ‘break the mold’ mindset, although the traditions really are beautiful. Thank you for your encouragement that this really IS a fun idea!


    2. I agree! It’s easier said than done, but as much as you can try to just be yourselves and let others have their opinions. As for me and my husband, we eloped at a courthouse in favor of spending oodles on a fancy honeymoon. Many folks didn’t understand, but we couldn’t be happier!

      PS I really do love the lolly bouquet idea!!

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      1. It is easier said than done. Elopement has crossed our lips too already. And then maybe a party afterward? Still unsure at this stage. Glad you love the lolly idea! I’m really quite surprised how many people are for it 😀 Maybe this edible centerpiece is the route I take.

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  2. Whatever anyone else says IT’S YOUR DAY. You can do whatever you both decide. Personally I think the lollies make a great (fun) display and any children are going to have fun. You could donate the leftover displays (as if) to a local children’s home after the wedding.
    Just have fun and enjoy the day.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. That’s awesome! I love the fact that so many people are for the lolly piece! I was worried you would all think I was bonkers. But I just love the idea…it seems so fun! And practical! This is going on the board as a solid possibility 😀

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  3. I think the lollies are a great idea! Have you seen the edible bouquets…? You know, where flower/star etc shapes are cut out of melons or pineapples and arranged on skewers to look like bouquets? Sure that could be adapted for centrepieces, might be cheaper or if you have someone arty in your family who could do that for you…

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    1. OH! I have seen that and it never even crossed my mind! That’s a GREAT idea! What do you think, cutting out fruit with a cookie cutter then skewering it into one of those styrofoam balls? (Apologies, not a crafty person)

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      1. Exactly! Have a practice run first because I’m not sure which would give a better edge, metal or plastic cutters . Also, I think the fruits would need spraying with lemon juice to prevent browning and you could finish the arrangement with a sprinkle of edible glitter! 🙂

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      2. You are so AWESOME! I’m on this idea, for sure 😀 Edible glitter?!?! NO WAY! Is there such a thing, really?!!!!! Thant would be SOOOO COOL! Again, you’ve set me off on another day of infinite possibilities 🙂 🙂

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      3. It’s true! You always come up with some kind of awesomeness that sends me on a spree 😉 LOL My ideas at the moment are glitter or rustic runners, lolly or edible glitter fruit centerpieces (That is seriously cool…where do i find edible glitter! – Dear Lord, all my food is going to be shiny now…) and some kind of candle something – maybe.

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  4. I love this!! My cousin had a “candy bar” filled all different height glass cylinders full of candies the colors of the wedding with cellophane bags and twist ties for the guests to fill.

    Have u been on Pinterest? I was just the “Maid of Honor” for my sister. They did floating candles in a large clear glass cylinder with glass stones and candles lit, very pretty! And cheap! A few flowers around the base even if u want more.

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    1. I love the idea of a candy bar…we both do! Have to get the wheels turning on that one 🙂 Oh yes, I’ve been on pinterest…stalking…wishing…hoping…
      Floating candles are a good idea too!

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  5. My daughter in law gathered lots of jars together and decorated them with glitter powder and put tea lights in them – they looked absolutely fabulous. She had flowers arranged on vintage cake stands which looked lovely too.. I wish I could add a photo to the comment of the top table which was covered in a sequin tablecloth – the room absolutely sparkled… Good luck with your search! x

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      1. I’ve sent a selection by email – let me know if they don’t come through and I could add to a pinterest folder.. I think the glitter wasn’t hard to do – I’m not crafty but I could’ve done it. The glitter powder is very fine and sparkly and comes in quite a big bag – I’ll double check with Jen.. She used it to make the table numbers too.. It did look fab! x

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  6. I’m personally a fan of DIY centerpieces. I’m sure you’ve already scoured Pinterest, but depending on your style there are loads of tutorials out there. It’s amazing how far charity shop vases and silver spray paint will go!

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    1. Oh girl, have I ever scoured pinterest! I love the DIY’s, only I’m not such a crafty person so I’m afraid mine will end up on the pinterest fails list somewhere. I haven’t thought about charity shops and spray paint. That we might be able to manage 😉

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  7. What’s most important is that you have a theme you’re both happy with & that represents you. ANY theme can be made to look nice & tasteful if done correctly. Look for budget ideas online for the theme you have in mind & go for it! I’ve seen pieces from the DOLLAR STORE arranged in a way to look like its worth $100 bucks. Creativity is key! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I guess part of my worry is that I won’t get it: just-so, and then It’ll be kind of ‘meh’. But you are absolutely right, if done properly, anything would look gorgeous.

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