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Recycled book reading challenge: Fat Tuesday, by Sandra Brown

Hello all and welcome to my Recycled Book Reading Challenge book for September!

I’m not usually one for romance novels, but I do love suspense. So when you mix the two, this book is the result. I think I found this book on the english rack at the second hand shop for 0,25€.

Published in 1997, this wasn’t a bad read. Like  I said, not usually my style, but the mystery kept this book on the rails when I didn’t feel so drawn in by the whole lusty fussy over a kidnap victim scheme.  I have been told that Sandra Brown is actually quite renown in her field, so I felt a bit ashamed that I wasn’t completely intrigued.

In summary, Burke Basile is a police officer, he absolutely hates Pinkie Duvall who is a criminal defense attorney. Pinkie is married to Remy, and they aren’t exactly in love. Everyone assumes she is a trophy wife, and even Burke openly calls her a hooker because she dresses so provocatively. Burke loses his partner, basically becoming a lost cause. He decides the best form of action for revenge is to kidnap Remy and take her into a swamp to lure in Pinkie. In the meantime, he falls absolutely in love with her and well, you know how these things go in romance novels! All the while, the characters that lie in the outskirts of the story are woven throughout and Mardis Gras – Fat Tuesday is vastly approaching.
Fat Tuesday

There was a plot, more so than just getting Character A with Character C in an isolated place to get hot and heavy. However, the plot was kind of…loose. Not exactly the making of a great suspense novel. But it was a nice read on a rainy day 😉

If you would like to join my Recycled Book Reading Challenge, the challenge outline can be found by clicking the link. The more, the merrier!

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to reading about your September reads!



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