Sometimes, you just don’t feel like clacking into work in stilettos. It takes time and effort to look like you just stepped off a runway and pretend that you didn’t just spill coffee down the front of your blouse.

Today, I felt like running in with a bag full of hoagies and a thermos of hot tea. You know what though? It felt great! Nobody laughed at me and it was hands down the most comfortable workday ever! To be repeated many more times.

Who’s with me?



17 Comments on “It had to be done

  1. You are comfortable in your skin ! You are lucky enough As are we who love your blog to see the humor in Daily life and what I call happy accidents!

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    • Wow! Thank you!! 😀 That was great to hear 🙂 And I guess you’re right; I do feel comfortable in my own skin.

  2. Comfort over looks! plus I’m pretty sure you still looked great! 😛 loving your blog 😊

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