DIY Pallet Headboard


I want to do this so bad! This is AWESOME! Reblogged from


Yes. We have fallen victim to the crazy “Hmm what can I make with this pallet” epidemic that seems to be sweeping the Pinterest boards. I’ve been showing the hubby all these different pins for months. And stating that I want a headboard for our bed for years. And by George, ladies & gentlemen. I finally got one. So here a few examples of what I had been seeing everywhere. I really like the rustic look.

And I love the twinkle lights. Now, hold the applause ya’ll. The picture below here is what JMan actually made me. I mean us. Am I a lucky girl or am I a lucky girl? Ignore all the other crap in the picture – we were also in the middle of planning a garage sale when he did this for me. I mean us.

jt diy headboard.jpg

Now, unfortunately, my husband is not a blogger…

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  1. I think it looks really cool and it’s a good use of materials!


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