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Screen Casts Online Review

Oh! Oh! Oh! I finally found a place where I can get help with my Apple devices and programmes!


Most of you who know me, realize that I have a devastating deficiency in the technical capability arena. That said, I was super happy to get an inside look (and A LOT of help) from Screen Casts Online.

It seems to me that Screen Casts Online focuses mainly on Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV and the apps, syncing, usage, operating systems and special apps that go with them. Super nice to find these tutorials all in one, very well organized space!

I spent a good amount of time checking out the videos that relate to me (the WP series, video creation,  application walk-throughs and iOS – I had just updated my operating system on my Mac and it was acting funny). They were clear, concise and I learned quite a bit about the endless possibilities which I was never aware of on my Mac.Unfortunately, I was unable to watch all the relevant video tutorials (We’re talking many hundreds of hours worth of tutorials here. 730+ tutorials to be exact.), but I did get a good feel for the program and learned a lot about my current apps and products. You know me, always trying to figure out the basics first. (Hello utility tutorials!)

When you first log in, you are directed to a page which shows all the newest Mac and iOS tutorials. Each tutorial is color coded and stated if it is a Mac (green) or iOS (red) tutorial. From there you can browse all the new Mac or iOS tutorials by clicking the link, search for a specifically oriented item via the search page, or browse by catalogue. Me? I stuck to browsing the new tutorials (thanks for helping me get my pc back to normal speed after the iOS update!) or browsed by category. If you have a bit of time to explore, I recommend browsing by category via the Library link at the top of the page. You learn about some really super programs that you might have never known existed! Once you find a tutorial that peaks your interest, you can read the summary, or click to the right of it to watch the tutorial. Personally, watching the tutorial helps me tons. Being able to watch someone doing what I should be doing, explaining clearly and concisely exactly what happens and why, being able to see basically first-hand everything that a program I have yet to try can offer and how to use it – is extremely valuable, in my opinion.

For me, I really liked the videos. I’m always doing something strange and figuring out new operating systems, video creation and even WordPress (yes, there is a 2 part series on WP – about 45 mins each) is never easy. They explain things in a very simple way, that enables people such as myself to follow what’s happening without feeling like we’re looking at Ikea assembly instructions. Personally, I would highly recommend this site as a huge help for small and micro businesses. I think that the assistance offered is invaluable in a business setting when you don’t have the opportunity to learn by trial and error. I would also recommend this for the individuals who are technologically impaired or unaware, such as myself.

I know what you’re thinking – why pay when tutorials for everything can be found on youtube? Here’s why: You Tube is the video version of wikipedia. Wikipedia is the most unreliable form of research – aside from asking your neighbor what the forecast population growth for Ghana is (so much so that its use is not allowed in professional or University settings). You Tube is the same. Anyone can post a video on You Tube – Those who truly understand the product, as well as your sixth grade niece, can both post and claim proficiency in the subject. And my biggest fear – the hacker who slyly tells you exactly how to make your computer susceptible to viruses, and all you think you’re doing is finding a way to download more music. Do you really want to take the chance of following bad advice when it comes to such expensive and necessary machines? I don’t.

The main tutor on the site is Don McAllister, who founded ScreenCasts Online in 2005. He was in Corporate IT for many years before and has become highly sought after by some of the foremost Mac and iOS vendors. There are 4 guest tutors as well, all of whom have written extensively on the topic, and have had dealings in one way or another with Mac, iOS or their specialized programmes. The site provides information on your information, as well as names and links so that you can verify the source or reputation of the person instructing you.

The site contains 730+ video tutorials ranging in length from 20 mins – 1 hour. Some have multiple parts. The instructions and displays are very clear, and sometimes the main points are written at the bottom of the screen so to make it easier to remember the basics.

Here is an example video, of How to get the most out of your Apple device. They have Mac, iOS, OSX, Apple Watch, design, web, photos, videos, hardware apps and business related tutorials.

If you would benefit from video how-to’s or thorough explanations as to why your Apple and it’s programmes might be acting bizarrely, check out Screen Casts Online site. It is a monthly or annual membership site, but it is worth it. The rates are $8 monthly, $7 monthly for quarterly memberships, and the best value is $6 monthly for annual memberships.

What do you think, would you use a service like this?



*Disclaimer: I received a temporary membership to this site in order to adequately review the service, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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