Book Review: Futuring the Future by Michael F. Kaufmann #FuturingtheFuture

Firstly, I must admit that this book was a bit difficult to follow. So please understand that this may influence my review a bit, as I was unable to completely grasp some things.

Written in a simple style, this book is both fiction and non-fiction, woven together in an intricate tale which blurs the lines of reality in order to create an out-of-the-box picture of our interactions with other planetary lifeforms.

Although written to be simply understood, this book is very complex as far as critical thinking  and story plot is concerned. I would recommend this for a more intellectual sci-fi reader.

The actual formatting of the book is more along the lines of a script. A bit choppy, difficult to follow at times and occasionally one is sent to read and re-read the same passages. I understand why this is, I think, so that like re-watching a movie, the reader picks up on things the second or third time around, that one would have missed the first time. Especially when it is included in a different context.

This is an intriguing read, and very interesting…especially when one is not sure which facts are facts, and which are fiction. It does, encourage one to think deep thoughts, much more than the usual sci-fi novel.

Even though I had a difficult time following at times, I really love the fact that this is written in a completely different form. It’s like it forces your brain to take breaks and reconsider what’s happening. Different is good! This book is not your average futuristic read…for sure!

The author is cited to have written more than 10 books. He is a Physicist and has a core interest in General Relativity. These facts are useful to keep in mind as one reads Futuring the Future.

I would recommend this book, but only for those who are really looking for a thought inspiring, scientific read. Something different. This is not one of those relaxing weekend books.

If you are interested in this intriguing future-based book, it can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review


Cyber Monday Sales: Some of my Faves


Hello 🙂

Today is Cyber Monday, of course, and its everywhere! Since I have an addiction to online ‘window shopping’, I thought I would share with you some of my fave gift ideas (also including the deeply discounted, of course!) from the Cyber Monday sale on amazon.

Wooden watches 🙂 These are just so cool! (org price: $79.99, Cyber Monday deal: $34)


Viable Harvest – Men’s Wood Watch – Wooden Bamboo Dial – Sandalwood Bezel – Genuine Leather – Gift box

Pressure Steam Cleaner: We need this! (orig price: $59.99, Cyber Monday deal: $29.99)


BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY SALE Upgraded Spill-Proof Handheld Multi-PURPOSE Pressurized Steam Cleaner for stain removal, curtains, crevasses with 9 FREE Accessories

The man set for the lover of Movember – my guy might be getting this…if he’s nice 😉 (orig price: $39, Cyber Monday deal: $14.97)


Beard Comb -Fine & Coarse Tooth – Handmade Genuine Sandalwood Brush for Hair – Smells Amazing – Anti-Static – For Stylish Beard & Mustache Grooming- Best Premium Giftbox Set & BONUS a Digital Booklet

Paintbrush set (orig price: $99.99, Cyber Monday deal: $36.97)


CYBER MONDAY DEAL 63% OFF! Santa Fe Art Supply Best Quality Artist Paintbrush Set. Acrylic Oil Watercolor & Face Paint. 15 (+1) Professional Paint Brushes In Travel Case.

Eco-friendly cotton canvas Hynes Eagle Multi-pockets Rucksack (orig price: $130, Cyber Monday deal: $34.99)


Hynes Eagle Multi Pockets Canvas Backpack School Travel Rucksack 25 Liter (Navy Blue)

Labyrinth Brain Game (Orig price: $33.98, Cyber Monday deal: $8.99)


Labyrinth Cyber Monday Sale / Deals 2016 – SouvNear Brain Teaser Hand and Eye Coordination Brain Game Gifts under 10 Dollars – Wooden Labyrinth Board Game Ball in Maze Puzzle Handcrafted in India

I hope you enjoyed this weeks super sale gift guide. I think these are cool and I hope you do too!

I would love to know: When you do your shopping online, what are some of your favorite sites to frequent? I am constantly on the lookout 🙂


Capsule Wardrobe Survival: 8 Ideas to make your black dress work overtime for casual, office and evening!


Hello ladies 🙂 This post is for all my comrades in the eco-fashion, capsule wardrobe journey. As well as those who, like myself, are wiling to invest in an item of clothing that can do triple-time, even if there isn’t exactly available funds for a luxury purchase. (Thus creating the necessity to make your few items work well for you in multiple social circumstances).

Today, I bit the bullet and purchased this dress. (Ok, it was actually a joy, not a chore.) Although I do have a Vince Camuto LBD that I purchased years ago and still get quite a bit of wear out of, its short, low-cut and sleeveless. It’s winter now. I just…can’t. Something about snow, wind and a mini skirt just doesn’t calculate well. I haven’t had a basic black dress for winter in many years. However, I thought long and hard about how I could make this purchase worth my while with the items I currently have available for my winter capsule wardrobe.

As most of you know, I have made myself a promise that I would not buy fast fashion (Which unfortunately, also means affordable for someone with a next to nothing budget) and that I buy only natural fabrics. I went on a long search and found this dress. 95% cotton and 5% elastin. (I prefer zero elastin, but hey, sometimes it’s just there. Like, good luck finding a pair of jeans with no elastin. Am I right?) Then I kept it bookmarked for a few weeks while I weighed the options. Today, I checked out 😉


The following are the ways I will turn this basic black into a Capsule Wardrobe essential that will work overtime for a variety of occasions!

  • Firstly, you can just wear it like it is with a pair of black flats.


  • Dress it up for a semi-formal evening  or a hot date, with a glamorous necklace and sexy heels (rose gold, in my case)
  • Accessorize a great look for the office with a big cozy scarf, a light necklace, and thick heeled ankle boots
  • Go boho with a loose cozy poncho and thick heeled ankle boots or wedges
  • For an easy to achieve highly sophisticated look, pair the dress with a brown leather obi belt and brown and black heels
  • For a super casual day, throw on those converse and a denim jacket! (I’m so glad wearing sneakers with dresses is fashionable now!)
  • For another business look, pair with a cashmere cardi, a skinny belt and highly sculpted suede ankle heels
  • If it’s really cold and you just want to be warm, cozy and look super cute; Throw on your favourite boyfriend sweater over top of it and pair with boots or sneakers.

It’s all about accessorizing, ladies! It’s amazing how versatile this one item can be when using items you probably already own to make it go from casual to office to a night out!

What are some of your must-have capsule wardrobe staples?


*Please note: These photos have been taken from pinterest, google and my own items. There are no shopping links contained within.

It’s here!


I had to share this with you 🙂 I purchased this hand-woven rug during a trip to Morocco. It isn’t huge, because they were so expensive…more than I had on me, for sure! But the handicraft is beautiful, and since I limit myself to ONE purchase in each country, per trip (I’m not a souvenir ladened suitcase traveler…much to my friends dismay.) I was able to justify this little luxury to myself without too  much work.

It took a while to get everything in order and to have it shipped. Then have it shipped again. But now, it’s home! I hope you like it too…the photo colored a bit weird, but rest assured, its gold and blue tones are just beautiful 🙂


What about you? What are some of your favourite travel souvenirs?


Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!

I’ll be doing 2 online gift idea posts this week: Today and Monday. Of course, the two biggest sale days of the year, so I thought I would share some great gift ideas that I’m lusting over – that are currently on drastic mark-down for Black Friday!


Awesome 100% goat leather carry bag – marked down from $249 to $59, a savings of $190! (Santa, if you’re reading, I want this!)

Rustic Town Genuine Leather Laptop Bag Leather Messenger bag 15″ gift him her


This B & D screwdriver with screw holder is marked down from the original $76.88 to $26.99

BLACK+DECKER LI4000 4-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartSelect Screwdriver with Magnetic Screw Holder


This portable USB charger supposedly holds enough to charge an iPhone 6 or 7 at least 5 times. Yes 🙂 Original price: $109.99, Black Friday deal: $23.99 – for a savings of $86

Uni-Yeap UNI100 11000mAh External Battery Charger Portable Power Bank and Charger in Luxury Style and Polishing Slim Shell with LCD for iPhone7 7Plus 6s 6 Plus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and More (grey)


For that special blogger whose computer is melting into oblivion – This Acer laptop is marked down from $299, now $167 😉

2016 NEW Edition Acer Aspire One 11 Cloudbook 11.6-inch Laptop, Intel Dual-Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB EMMC, 1-year Office 365 Personal, 2 years 100GB OneDrive Storage, Bluetooth, HDMI, Windows 10


14K hoop earrings, original price: $170,  Black Friday price: $45.89 (This item also offers int’l ship)

14k Yellow Gold Square Tube Hoop Earrings


And these…because they’re pretty 🙂 Also marked down from $20 to $5.99

Decorative Cushion Cover Pillow Cases standard size, Set of 2, 18 x18, Black Friday Sale 2016

There are literally thousands of deals today on amazon alone, not to mention every webstore in existence. These are just some of the items that I thought were the best gift ideas with the best deals and wanted to share them with you.

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping wherever you do it, and stay safe! The evening news is always full of insanity on Black Friday. This is why I prefer to shop online. Seriously. A good sale is not worth being assaulted over!

Happy Friday 🙂


Bejeweld Blitz, all coins gone

OK, so I played away all my 6 million and something coins. Down to 1,250. That was as low as I could go without making more coins. There wasn’t any boost or anything I could buy.

A few things I learned whilst playing away all my coins:

  • The boosts that seem to do the most good are the extra time, the one that explodes all the special gems, and the one that gives you your #2 gem right away
  • When you play the special gems and the click a gem reward comes up at the end, the grand prize will never come around if you continue to click the same gem location (i.e.; I clicked the middle one on the bottom row each and every time). EXCEPT with the apple gem, I got that whopping 10,000 coin grand prize 3 times. But that’s it – while spending the entire 6 mil on special gem play. So my theory is correct, it is a smart-game that predicts whats happening.
  • It seems to me, that many of the boards on the special gems are identical. So, if you happen to find a series that works for you and gives you a good score one game, remember what you did because chances are very good it will be the same either the next game, or several after.

Now it’s time to start from scratch. Let’s see how this goes 😉


Seasons changing


I wanted to share this photo. I love it, I love the scenery. Sitting by this lake was a joy and I will miss it terribly as I watch the snow drift in and the sunshine diminish.


Until next time, old friend – now its time to slumber and sparkle wondrously under the ice covered caps.


Quirky Quotes 22.11.2016

” There’s a gift in your lap and it’s beautifully wrapped and it’s not your birthday. You feel wonderful, you feel like somebody knows you’re alive, you feel fear because it could be a bomb, because you think you’re that important.”

-Aimee Bender, The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

*Photo credit: Appalachian LeadershipAcademy

A Bejeweled Blitz Experiment


Hi everyone 🙂

Please allow me to start off by stating that I am not a gamer. I play Bejeweled Blitz when I’m like- waiting in a reception hall or bored to tears. I don’t play online or compete against friends. It’s just a thing. Recently, I’ve noticed that they have introduced all sorts of ways to get coins and new jewels to play with, in addition to the daily challenges, and so I just got so curious that I’ve decided to do a little experiment.


As you can see, I had accrued 6,780,950 coins. But my curiosity is this: With all of the extra ways to get coins and gems, how long would it take from zero, and how many coins could I get by just playing the daily challenge, using free spins, watching ads, and using the free mystery box – while only playing the free gems that I had won – without playing extra games or purchasing boosts or additional coins. So this is what I’m out to prove. (And hopefully figure out some other stuff on the way). I’m sure that PopCap Games has a lucky gamer who actually receives a paycheck for these things, but I had to see for myself.

This is the most absurd thing to do, but…curiosity killed the cat, I guess. So, I’ll be playing away all of my 6 million+ coins until I reach zero, and then starting from there with only the freebies and not spending any coins along the way. I will check in with updates periodically and we’ll see where this takes us. I mean…what the hell, its just a game, right?

Any bets on how this goes?


David Snape Show 14.11.16

Hi there 🙂 I’m a David Snape fan, so when I wrote in and he read my email on his podcast …Awesome (!) he kindly let me share the show. If you don’t know about David, check out his site at for lots of blog posts and his regular Podcast! Enjoy! Thanks David 🙂

OK, Let’s Talk…

Time to get a bit personal, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m not usually the type of blogger who shares the details of my life which are truly personal…like down to the core, personal. I like to keep things in my life on the positive side, and don’t generally even like to speak about the difficulties one might be having. However, this is something that has truly gotten my attention, and as my fellow bloggers, I am hoping that you may have some words of wisdom on how to navigate the storm.

As you might well know, recently, I have been blogging daily. I love it. This takes time. Lots of time and tons of energy. No problemo, it’s worth it 🙂 I’ve also been getting ready for the impending holidays with a fervor that rivals only our upcoming wedding. And the wedding planning…we actually had to take a time-out from that for a bit, as we wanted to spend at least as much time planning our marriage as we were planning our wedding. (So that’s why you haven’t been seeing tons of wedding posts recently). And the job? Well, you can imagine that all of this equals one very tired Mliae.

Since I have attributed all of this to my sluggishness, you can imagine my utter shock when I went in to have my ear checked (accompanied by a blood test) and I was informed that I was basically running on like 30% of the blood that a normal healthy woman my age should have. They had me sent to the hospital that same day. Among other things, I received several blood transfusions. This is terrifying. I am so disease-phobic that the mere thought of having another persons blood running through my veins was enough to make me break down into tears. And then, it happened. I found myself frantically trying to write posts from my phone in the ICU. I am addicted to my blog and cannot bear the thought of going MIA for days, that is crystal clear now.

We are not yet sure what is causing this and are keeping a close eye on things. It is disconcerting because I usually like to run at high-speed. Like, neurotic squirrel – high speed. (That is how my fiancé refers to it, anyway.) Everyone else seems to be more aware of the seriousness of this, except for myself. I just don’t want to contemplate that there might be something seriously wrong. I don’t want to be sick. I want to be my happy, healthy, squirrel-y self again. Because of all of this mess, my loved-ones have been telling me in quite loud voice, that I am not allowed to be a work-a-holic until this is rectified. I spend all day, every day blogging and working. You know that feeling when your goals are within reach and you know that all you need is ‘one more push’ to break through that wall? That’s how I feel. That’s what drives me. I will continue, there’s no question there. But, how does one circumvent the situation when there are things which need constant attention and those around you are treating you like a fragile granny – just sit and relax – when you really just want to run around the block?

This must be said: A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you out there who take the time to donate blood! It is a life-saver! <3

My question is this: I know that most all of you have to carefully schedule and prioritize. How do you do it? What do you do when you are running at ‘full steam ahead’ and then suddenly, a massive wall appears?

Thanks for reading and hopefully, sharing advice too!


Free e-books on Amazon


Hi there 🙂

Today, I wanted to share another link-laden post. But one that the deal-lover/book-lover in you is going to be so happy about! Everyone loves freebies (yours truly, being no exception). So, as my gift to you to start the holiday season, I wanted to share some 100% free book downloads that I think are really cool.


( I love Poe)

Edgar Allan Poe: The Complete Tales and Poems (Book House)


 30 Interactive Brainteasers to Warm up your Brain (Riddles & Brain teasers, puzzles, puzzles & games)


Clean Food Diet: Avoid processed foods and eat clean with few simple lifestyle changes(free nutrition recipes)(natural food recipes) (Special Diet Cookbooks & Vegetarian Recipes Collection Book 4)


Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day


Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century

Some Christmas stories for the holidays:


Christmas at Pebble Creek (Free Short Story) (The Pebble Creek Amish)


Books for Kids: Christmas Stories for Kids (Bedtime Stories for Ages 4-8): Fun Christmas Stories, Jokes for Kids, Children Books, Books for Kids, Free Stories (Christmas Books for Children)


The Man Who Loved Christmas and other short stories


Christmas Stories And Legends


(Great for navigating your way through Gluten-free company cooking over the holidays)

Gluten-Free Desserts: Quick and Easy Delicious Recipes

That’s it for this week, but I’ll be on the lookout for more in the near future, as many publishers have giveaway days, so I can snatch them up for you 🙂

Download and enjoy! Happy Holidays!


Super C Tropical Chia Pudding #pandavita

Hello there 🙂

Chia pudding. Ah, chia pudding…we see it all over our instagram feeds and kind of wonder to ourselves: so, whats the big deal? Chia seeds contains TONS of Omega 3’s. More than eating spoonfuls of dried flax. So, if you don’t eat a lot of fish, a person still needs omega 3’s for brain function, among other things. The reason for the big Chia Pudding craze is because your body will not fully absorb the nutrients from Chia seeds if they are eaten whole. So, soaking your Chia seeds causes them to break open and gelify (is that a word, or did I just make that up?). The gel is what contains the nutrients which are most needed, so Chia pudding or a variation thereof is the best way to get what you’re looking for. Vitamin C is necessary, not only for helping to keep the sniffles at bay during the cold months, but also because Vitamin C helps your body absorb more of the vital nutrients you need. All supplements are helpful, but I very much prefer plant-based nutrient sources as opposed to lab created chemical cocktails. Hence this recipe, which is entirely plant based and is seriously healthy for you.

What you need:

  • ½ dl Chia seeds
  • 3 dl coconut almond milk
  • 1 Teaspoon Organic Baobab powder


What you do:

  • In a bowl, mix the 1 tsp Baobab powder and 3 Dl of Almond coconut milk well (you don’t want any clumps).
  • Then pour in the chia seeds and stir, making sure to keep the chia seeds separated and mixed well with the Baobab – Almond/Coconut milk.
  • You can either leave it to sit for about 90 mins, or my personal favorite, is to set in the refrigerator overnight and serve for breakfast.
  • Stir occassionally
  • Eat and enjoy!


And remember, if you would like to order the Baobab powder, you can find it from Panda Vita with international shipping and use promo code LEB15 to get 15% off!


I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. It’s a very light tropical, creamy taste. And the best part is: You get an entire days worth of Vitamin C and Omega 3’s in one sitting!

Thanks for reading!


Black Friday Sales Gift Ideas!


Hi all 🙂

Amazon UK Black Friday sales just started, so I thought this would be a great time to share some awesome gift ideas that are going at a great price!

I love Amazon UK, because they normally ship international (Yay for me! You know I’m a fiend about shipping). Since a majority of my readers are from the states however, I will be posting cool offers and free/reduced international shipping gift idea links from the Amazon US site, just to make things a bit easier. Because thats what online shopping is all about, am I right? 😉


Black Friday Christmas Gifts Quirky Hand Carved Nose Shaped Wooden Spectacles Sunglasses or Eyeglass Holder Stand


Mens Black Friday Mega Xmas Deal Mens Woven Lounge Pants Pyjama Bottoms Night Wear WITH FREE BED SOCKS Style 1 Size Medium & Free Bed Socks


Philips HD9220/20 Healthier Oil Free Airfryer – Black


(I know a Santa Klaus who deserves this, this year 😉 )

Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi – Space Grey


Oooohhhh…another one of those must-have’s I want for myself! (You know, it’s dangerous doing these gift posts!)

Bella Cook & Serve 3 Pot Slow Cooker With Keep Warm Buffet Setting

Don’t worry USA, I’ve got you covered! Here are some great deals and gift ideas I found on the USA site 🙂


(I swear by gift cards…best invention since…well, I don’t know -they’ve been around for awhile.) $25 Gift Card in a Kraft Paper Reveal with Jingle Bells (Classic White Card Design)


(The blogger must-have 🙂 Aaaand, they have Int’l shipping!)

HOT Sales!!! 2015 New Arrival Monopod Extendable Aluminum Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick For Mobile Phones Free Shipping + build in remote control


(Face care is always a goodie, plus they are offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!)

FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING + Special Price!! Big Sale!!! LANEIGE Power Essential Skin Refiner 200ml + Balancing Emulsion Moisture 120ml + LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream (All Skin / 50ml) + LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Pack (All Skin / 50ml) + LANEIGE Water Bank Essence (All Skin / 60ml)


(For your Latte loving fashionista)

Starbucks Gift Card $25


(This would make an awesome table-topper set-up. I want it…)

Happy Sales Teal Gold Color Cast Iron Tea set

Thanks for taking the time to scroll this! That’s it for this weeks’ holiday gift finds that are currently on sale or offering free or dramatically reduced shipping. I seriously wish I could buy one of everything. I could knock out my holiday list in no-time flat! Hmmm..never hurts to dream 🙂


Does my choice to wear natural fabrics, really dictate my fashion options?


…Sometimes, it really seems that way.

I am frustrated. I spent a large portion of my day doing some Christmas shopping online. Take, Zalando, for example. A website that is full of designer labels, clothing and accessories for the entire family. I scrolled and scrolled through for hours today. Literally, hours. Every time I found something that was stylish and somewhat affordable, it was a poly or acrylic blend. It is so frustrating.

Luckily, those I’m shopping for aren’t as picky about fabrics as I am. Though I would love to be able to get them some nice, soft, pretty items made from natural fabrics. I am starting to presume that this is a luxury wishlist, as it is just so difficult to find anything other than Tee shirts, the occasional college shirt or long sleeve Tee or cotton blend sweaters. I found 1…yes, ONE full cotton dress on the entire site. What is the deal?! I mean, I just don’t understand it. I would LOVE to be able to buy a silk maxi-dress for less than 1,000 ($/€) or wool pants for less than 500. Why is it, the fabrics that are most sustainable and take the least amount of processing, are also used the least and cost the most? Does anyone understand the logic in this?

How did we get here? How do we get the fashion industry’s attention to let them know that we don’t need a closet full of artificial, inexpensively made clothes that will be out of style in 6 months…that we need quality craftsmanship, natural fabrics and beautiful classic, versatile designs that will last years?! THIS I am willing to pay good money for, even save if I have to. Of course! What woman wouldn’t invest in her appearance if she knew she looked fabulous and that she could get her money’s worth out of her garment?!

I am amazed that I am able to find more natural fabrics and nice designs on amazon, than I am on Zalando. I never thought it would be this challenging to go ‘rogue’ when I made a deal with myself that I would only buy natural or sustainable clothing, at least for the year, to start.

Anybody else having this experience?


Sesame Tofu (vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free)


Hello 🙂 I HAD to share this awesome recipe for sesame tofu from This is my all-time favourite dish to order when I find myself in a restaurant that makes it, and I have been searching high and low for the perfect recipe that is simple enough for me to follow. I found it here! WAAHHOOOO!! Thank you to this lovely blogger who has allowed me to share this recipe. I look forward to making it on the regular! 🙂

Product Review: Earth Conscious 100% Organic Cream Citrus Natural Deo

This is a product I found interesting after reading about the Earth Conscious product Hippy Paste on Sable Eyes blog, I did some shopping around for Earth Conscious products. The product I ordered is the Citrus No Nasties Deo. It’s close, but not identical to the Hippy Paste. I think.

I really wanted this product for my very picky fiancé. He prefers all natural products, hates the aluminum in your average store bought deodorants, and works out really hard – so needs good protection. (You know, some of those all natural products just don’t work at all.) Not to mention, it seemed like the perfect stocking stuffer. Only…I couldn’t wait until Christmas and gave it to him the day it arrived. Nice one :/ (Yes, I’m that chick who has to keep buying gifts because I can’t keep them squared away)

This stuff is really nice and it comes in a variety of scents (Hello, lavender!). I like the citrus for guys. It goes nicely with my man’s beard oil, which has a tinge of citrus scent in it too. Our suggestions for this product are that it’s very practical and good for day-to-day use, works well if you’re in an office job or not doing any kind of insanely heavy tasks (like building a house), and it smells great. You might have to reapply about halfway through the afternoon, but the way the deodorant spreads, makes it super easy and suitable for re-application as opposed to say, those crystal sticks. Only thing about this product is that if you are a person that works out really hard or does strenuous physical labor (the kind that leaves you drenched in sweat), the citrus deodorant is just not strong enough to handle that kind of challenge. I would like to try the mint, as it is said to be the stronger one. It would be really cool if that could maintain during a sweat-filled workout. I must say honestly though, that as far as all natural deodorants go, I much prefer this to some of the others we have tried.

If you would like to check out this product, you can find it here (I always include links for both the States and UK – which ships internationally):


Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Citrus) by Earth Conscious (The product reviewed)
Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Mint – Strong Protection) by Earth Conscious (Mint! This will be my next buy, I love all things minty – and this is supposed to be the strong one)

Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Lavender) Vegan Friendly by Earth Conscious (Lavender for the ladies, of course!)


Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Citrus) (The product reviewed)
Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Mint – Strong Protection) (The stronger one, and minty – so my next purchase)
Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Lavender) Vegan Friendly (Lavender for the ladies who prefer a more floral scent)

Have you used this product or one like it? What did you think? Any favorites we should try?


Product Review: Organic Baobab Powder by Pandavita

Hello all 🙂

I’ve been testing out a new Super Food Product and I really like it, so I wanted to share my thoughts! Those of you who have been with me for awhile, know that I have been on the search for superfoods, brainfood, and good nutrient mixes. So far, there have only been a few that I’ve found worthy of a good share.

The reason why I’ve been on the lookout for the best of the best however, has remained a mystery…until now. I have blood issues. A horrendous case of anemia – no, not the ‘I bruise easily’ kind of anemia, but the ‘we’re going to find you unconscious on the floor if you don’t fix this’ kind of anemia. So, not only is it fun trying new products, but it is imperative to my health that I find good products that actually work – and stick with them! This is one of those products. Seriously. I have to take a ton of iron supplements on the daily and taking Vitamin C with that iron, helps my body to absorb more of the iron that I need. So you can imagine how excited I was to discover this product.

Until recently, I had never even heard of Baobab fruit. So, I was a bit hesitant to try it. But when I tried it, it was really good – even just on its own, so that was a two-thumbs up moment. 🙂 Also, any kind of nutrient that is derived straight from the plant, is much preferable to nutrients created in a lab. I mean honestly, who says ‘I want non-natural chemicals to make my natural body healthier!’ – Ummm…nobody. So of course I was thrilled to see that this is a vegan, plant-based product.

About this product: Baobab fruit is a fruit that is grown in Africa. The Baobab powder used is 100% organic and unprocessed because the powder actually dries inside the fruit, so no processing is necessary. It contains tons of Vitamin C, Potassium, Fibre, Magnesium and Calcium. It’s very fruit-y, sweet, maybe a bit zingy so it’s great in all yogurts, smoothies, or on its own. I would personally, only suggest using this product on its own, or in cool or room temp foods; as from what I know about superfoods, mixing it with hot food – or heating it – will diminish it’s nutrient power. If you are taking other nutrients which need to be absorbed quickly into the body, or else will be wasted, taking Vitamin C will help your body absorb those nutrients faster. Trust me 😉

About Panda Vita: Panda Vita is a small company in the UK which currently focuses solely on Baobab powder. They believe that the investment into 100% organic product is well worth it because it is healthier for the consumer and the planet. Panda Vita donates 5% of all their profits to charity, to a Panda conservation center in Chengdou, China. (Ok, that’s awesome! ) The people that I have had the pleasure to be in contact with are extremely friendly and helpful. Fantastic customer service is always a huge bonus! Not to mention one of my favourite bits: Affordable World-wide shipping! Yeah, Baby, Yeah!


The nice folks at Panda Vita have been cool enough to even offer a promo code for my readers: If you would like to order this product, please go to the Panda Vita site and when you are checking out, use the promo code: LEB15 for your 15% off 🙂 I will be using this code in the very near future too!

I have been using this product in a Almond Coconut milk Chia Pudding, which I think you might like and I will be sharing the recipe next week 🙂

Thanks for reading, and I hope I was able to help you on your search for great nutritional products!


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary package of Organic Baobab Powder in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I will be buying myself more 😉



I was recently reading an article on taboos. It was quite interesting and really got me thinking…  Taboos, certainly, are culture specific. For example; nudity is borderline taboo in the States whereas being perfectly socially acceptable in much of Europe.

I would really love to discuss this topic, so I’m bringing it to you:

What are some of the things you consider taboo? What are some of the things other cultures might consider taboo which you think are a perfectly normal and acceptable occurrence?

Oh, please, just for the fun of it, add any ‘out-there’ stories. I love those!



Comments! :D


Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all your comments recently! That is awesome 😀

Just dropping a line to let you know that I am replying to comments and emails now. My apologies for being slack these last 2 days. I wasn’t feeling too well, and finally went to the doctors today. Apparently, I managed to rupture my eardrum. :/ Anywho, I’m stocked with antibiotics and back on track now.

Talk to ya soon!




Reblog link list party not party.


*Please read the post before commenting

Hi all 🙂

If the title to this post is a bit of a head-scratcher, please allow me to explain. Since reblogging seems to be a bit of a hot-potato issue, I decided that I would just straight up ask all of you, to please let us know whether you are pro-reblog or anti-reblog. There is no judgement here, or explanation needed. It would just be simpler to know and share those blogs which encourage their followers to reblog, and to be aware of the blogs that would rather keep their content original, so that people will know to respect your wishes and not hit that reblog button.

So here’s my thinking: Everyone is more than welcome to join. The more, the merrier! I will, at a later date, be posting a comprehensive list (or several, dependent on the level of interaction) of sites that have an open reblog policy. I would also like to somehow let people know of good blogs that would prefer to maintain their original content. (In a separate post). If this is something that interests you, you let me know in the comments section and I will link to you on the follow-up posts. Bonus point- you can use this post as an arena to market your site.  I will only include sites in the list who have clearly stated whether they prefer TO be reblogged, or whether they prefer NOT to be reblogged, along with the link to your site (so as to avoid any confusion on my part).

Please, if you would like to be included, leave your stance on the issue in the comment section along with your link. And, since I love reblogs and would like to make this list as comprehensive as possible, please feel free to share this post 🙂 Let’s make the blogosphere a more familiar place!

Have a nice Sunday!


Some great gift ideas I’ve been drooling over recently


The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve already begun the online search for gifts with reasonable shipping, as well as finding yourself day dreaming about what you would like to have waiting in that pretty box.

Here are some of my finds & fantasies for this week:

a1hhtlazcfl-_sx342_ $25 Gift Card in a Gift Box Reveal (Classic Black Card Design)


Yankee Candle Advent Carousel


KitchenAid KP26M1XER 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series – Empire Red


KitchenAid KSM1APC Spiralizer Attachment with Peel, Core and Slice

(Ok, I’ll admit it – the kitchen aids are my fantasy…)


The Secret Life Of Pets (DVD + Digital Download) [2015]


Brouk & Co. Travel Cord Roll


Men’s 100% Cashmere Solid V-Neck Sweater (L, Heather Dark Charcoal)


MIHOLL Women’s Lightweight Criss Cross Cardigans Top Blouse (Small, Beige)

(Oooohhh, I want one of these in every colour!)

That’s it for this weeks edition of items I’m drooling over. I think my fiance would love this cord roll. He’s always dragging tons of chargers with him wherever he goes. Whats on your Christmas list?

Thanks for reading!


Reduce Toxins From Your Body

I had to share this great post from
I love the fact that these items are not so common on detox lists, and it would be fun to try! You know me, I fall in love with a post and I have to share it! Check out Spiritual Journey for more awesome posts! Thanks for letting me share this! 🙂

Book Review: Hi-tech Hijack by Dov Nardimon #HiTechHijack


This is one of those adventure books that I did not want to stop reading. It sucked me into the story from the very beginning. Which, I love 😉

Eddie, an Israeli career scientist who is on the never ending quest to cure cancer with the Ebola virus, finds himself and his partner in a precarious situation when they are kidnapped en-route to their destination. Through the drugging and reminiscing, a large portion of this book is a flash back which explains how the pair found themselves in their current predicament. It explains how Eddie was so desperate that he gave himself Ebola and is still recuperating from his recovery.

Eddie and Reuben find themselves held hostage in an almost luxury hotel-like situation, by a nasty couple out to discover the secret to keeping Ebola alive and airborne. Eddie, having had military training in hostage situations, maintains his calm demeanor throughout the drama. Reuben, on the other hand, is not a cool fellow and suffers panic attack after panic attack – thus placing himself at the top of the interrogation list.

We eventually discover that Reuben, is a total dirtbag. His quest for money blinds him totally. Eddie, our protagonist, remains logical and opportunist at every turn. I don’t want to give away too much, but there’s a lot of excitement and a lot of drama!

The author has obviously done copious amounts of ebola research and some serious checking into how scientific research is performed and funded. The facts contained in the book are mind boggling on their own.

If you like thrillers, you will love this book! It’s a really good book and I could not make myself stop reading it. The manipulation, and adventure keeps its readers wanting to know what happens next, after every page turn! Highly recommended!

If you would like to purchase this book, it can be found here on the official amazon US page.

For international orders, here is the amazon UK link: Hi-Tech Hijack

Thanks for reading!


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this e-book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I actually liked it quite a lot 🙂

Say goodbye to your budget, Instagram just made it easier to buy the products you love to love


As of next week, Instagram will be doing a test run with 20 U.S. retailers, that will enable viewers to shop on instagram. From what I see, this test run will only apply to iOS users in the Continental United States. But I think that you know as well as I do, that this will be an international happening open to all retailers, in just a matter of time.

This is how it’s supposed to go down: Normally, when you see a picture of an item you fall in love with, its easy to practice some self control merely by not being able to hunt down the item that moment. Well, say goodbye to this self control. Now, viewers will be able to expand the picture, see item details such as fabric content, size and price. Some retailers will be allowed to include a ‘shop now’ button on the description which will take the viewer directly to the purchase point. Viola! Instant, Instagram gratification!

In my opinion, this will again change the way that social media is used as we know it. Influencers will have more influence (we all know how gorgeous that glamazon 20-something looks in a sweater that makes most of us look like grannies. Now we can buy it while still on the photo high). Promo code purchases will escalate and our savings will gradually…dwindle. I equate this move to being able to purchase direct while reading Vogue magazine (the actual paper one). Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous… And a potential goldmine for those precious few select retailers and those they employ to market them.

The upside? Shopping with your friends 😉

Who knows? Maybe it will find itself in the same situation as Facebook marketing. More annoying to its users than beneficial. I guess we’ll soon see!

What do you think about this little marketing test?


Recycled Book Reading Challenge: The Brothers Lionheart by Astrid Lindgren

Welcome to my November 1st post for the Recycled Book Reading Challenge! If you would like to join, please check out the original post here for the ‘rules’ and start reading! For those awesome ones of you who are already doing the monthly challenge, I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to extend it beyond 12 months (for myself, at least). It’s been such a fun challenge to do and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so much that I would like to make this a permanent monthly series here on Lifexperiment Blog! 🙂

I used to love this book when I was child. I know that it has been translated into many different languages in the past 40 years, so when I saw this last month in a second hand store for .50 cents, and in English, I had to buy it!

This is a children’s book, although nowadays it might be considered a bit heavy for children reading since most versions include the realities of death, disease, tyranny and betrayal. (Like most of the classics)

When Karl is hit with a difficult disease, his older brother Jonatan soothes him with tales of Nangijala, a city in the afterlife. Shortly after that, the home catches fire and in order to save his brothers life, Jonatan leaps out of a window carrying Karl on his back. Karl is devastated by the death of his older brother, but not long after, on one very sleepy night, Karl finds himself and his brother in the city of Nangijala.

Nangijala is a peaceful city, but alas, it is only one city…there are others. And in the next town, there is an evil tyrant named Tengil and his dragon Katla which are reading havoc.

The Brothers Lejon (Lion), Karl and Jonatan, lead the battle against the tyrannical Tengil and his dragon…and it all revolves around a magical trumpet.

In the end, well I don’t want to give too much away – Let’s just say that there are even better cities, which are more peaceful and happier places for the deceased, beyond, in another level. It seems like a never ending cycle, dying, living, dying and re-birth again.

I loved reading this book as much as I loved having it read to me as a child.

Have you read The Brothers Lionheart?

Here are two links to the publishers online sales if you love this book:

USA – The Brothers Lionheart
UK – The Brothers Lionheart

What are your reads for Octobers recycled book reading challenge?

Thanks for reading!