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Product Review: Earth Conscious 100% Organic Cream Citrus Natural Deo

This is a product I found interesting after reading about the Earth Conscious product Hippy Paste on Sable Eyes blog, I did some shopping around for Earth Conscious products. The product I ordered is the Citrus No Nasties Deo. It’s close, but not identical to the Hippy Paste. I think.

I really wanted this product for my very picky fiancé. He prefers all natural products, hates the aluminum in your average store bought deodorants, and works out really hard – so needs good protection. (You know, some of those all natural products just don’t work at all.) Not to mention, it seemed like the perfect stocking stuffer. Only…I couldn’t wait until Christmas and gave it to him the day it arrived. Nice one :/ (Yes, I’m that chick who has to keep buying gifts because I can’t keep them squared away)

This stuff is really nice and it comes in a variety of scents (Hello, lavender!). I like the citrus for guys. It goes nicely with my man’s beard oil, which has a tinge of citrus scent in it too. Our suggestions for this product are that it’s very practical and good for day-to-day use, works well if you’re in an office job or not doing any kind of insanely heavy tasks (like building a house), and it smells great. You might have to reapply about halfway through the afternoon, but the way the deodorant spreads, makes it super easy and suitable for re-application as opposed to say, those crystal sticks. Only thing about this product is that if you are a person that works out really hard or does strenuous physical labor (the kind that leaves you drenched in sweat), the citrus deodorant is just not strong enough to handle that kind of challenge. I would like to try the mint, as it is said to be the stronger one. It would be really cool if that could maintain during a sweat-filled workout. I must say honestly though, that as far as all natural deodorants go, I much prefer this to some of the others we have tried.

If you would like to check out this product, you can find it here (I always include links for both the States and UK – which ships internationally):


Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Citrus) by Earth Conscious (The product reviewed)
Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Mint – Strong Protection) by Earth Conscious (Mint! This will be my next buy, I love all things minty – and this is supposed to be the strong one)

Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Lavender) Vegan Friendly by Earth Conscious (Lavender for the ladies, of course!)


Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Citrus) (The product reviewed)
Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Mint – Strong Protection) (The stronger one, and minty – so my next purchase)
Earth Conscious 100% Natural Organic Cream Deodorant (Lavender) Vegan Friendly (Lavender for the ladies who prefer a more floral scent)

Have you used this product or one like it? What did you think? Any favorites we should try?



    • Oh, how nice it would be to not need it. But I can’t go a day without it…even if I’m not sweating, its like I forgot my arm or something.

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