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Bejeweld Blitz, all coins gone

OK, so I played away all my 6 million and something coins. Down to 1,250. That was as low as I could go without making more coins. There wasn’t any boost or anything I could buy.

A few things I learned whilst playing away all my coins:

  • The boosts that seem to do the most good are the extra time, the one that explodes all the special gems, and the one that gives you your #2 gem right away
  • When you play the special gems and the click a gem reward comes up at the end, the grand prize will never come around if you continue to click the same gem location (i.e.; I clicked the middle one on the bottom row each and every time). EXCEPT with the apple gem, I got that whopping 10,000 coin grand prize 3 times. But that’s it – while spending the entire 6 mil on special gem play. So my theory is correct, it is a smart-game that predicts whats happening.
  • It seems to me, that many of the boards on the special gems are identical. So, if you happen to find a series that works for you and gives you a good score one game, remember what you did because chances are very good it will be the same either the next game, or several after.

Now it’s time to start from scratch. Let’s see how this goes 😉


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