Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Sandstorm by Michael Asher

This book was passed along to me by a friend of mine after he finished reading it. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for awhile, so I thought it would be a great pick for November’s Recycled Book Reading Challenge.

This book is set in the Sahara, during the 50’s. It is a bit cliché – the whole honor, nomadic wanderer, loyalty, betrayal in the desert thing. But it is a good book…so far…for a few days of chilling out.

However, I must be honest. I was unable to complete this book before todays challenge deadline. So it is difficult for me to share an accurate assessment. I’m not exactly sure why…maybe the tiredness. But I just couldn’t get into it as an adventure book, which I generally get so involved in, I can’t put them down. But by the time I got about 100 pages in, it started to seem a bit…easy to guess where it was going. I did try to finish it, but it just didn’t hold my attention. I’ll be passing this one along. I guess now I understand why it was given to me 😉

I’m loving reading your challenge posts!


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6 thoughts on “Recycled Book Reading Challenge: Sandstorm by Michael Asher”

  1. Haha good idea to pass it on! A general observation of mine has been that even in the worst of cases, a story becomes interesting by the time one reaches the middle of the book. If it fails even then, the book is not worth reading. So far this idea has worked well for me. 😉

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    1. I like that theory. It’s weird, usually a book grabs me in the first 40 pages, if its going to happen. But some of them, you just read and read…hoping that something interesting will suddenly pop up. Never does :/

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