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Getting to know you 02.12.2016

How often do you blog?

My answer: Well, I used to blog once weekly. Then every other day was my goal. But it seems like recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of daily blogging. Which is awesome πŸ˜‰ How often do YOU blog?



  1. I think I probably average 4-5 post per week. I try to blog every day, mixing longer posts with shorter ones, but I find it hard to be brief, so I tend to do 4 or 5 long posts per week, and an occasional short one.

  2. I started out blogging sporadically until I felt more comfortable with it. I’ve tried weekly and daily. Daily was too much for me. Weekly wasn’t often enough. For several months I’ve blogged every Tuesday and Friday. This schedule is working for me.

    • Hi there Janet! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ I also found that weekly or bi-weekly seems like a comfortable pace. Kind of like Goldilocks I guess…. ‘This one’s juuuuuust right!’

  3. I don’t blog my thoughts (I should because I have plenty), but rather my stories. Since it takes me so long to write one, my posts are infrequent. You would think for such simple stories,, I. Ours donut faster and more often. I guess that’s the challenge of writing for me.

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